Your Investment Options are Limited



#402: Your Investment Options are Limited

In this video:
00:35 – Very low returns make headlines
01:37 – UK bank pays me 0.1% interest rate
02:02 – February Daily trades make +6.2% in February
03:15 – Options available if you don’t want to trade yourself
03:40 – TFTC Pattern Trader makes +7.2% gain for the week
04:44 – Forex Insiders March webinar: The Power of Divergence
05:59 – Future proof your own finances

Our daily trading suggestions made a 6.2% account gain just in the month of February. Would you like to know how we did that? And would you like to gain results like that for yourself? If you would, listen up I’ve got some great news for you.

Hey traders, Andrew Mitchem here at the Forex Trading Coach with video and podcast number 402.

As you can see a beautiful day here, and so I figured we’ll come outside and make the video today in the sun.

Very low returns make headlines

Now, a really interesting news story here in New Zealand just this week, and it actually made quite a lot of headlines and it was about a bank who have decided to increase their term deposit rates to a massive 1.7%. Now it was huge news in terms of that was a substantially bigger figure than almost everybody else has, and it made me think about what options do people have when it comes to investing. Now obviously property worldwide seems to be going absolutely gangbusters and that’s fantastic. But when it comes to actually cashflow, there’s still a big problem with most investments. Now, for this bank to advertise a 1.7% return per year and to make big news out of it, you can tell how poor almost all other investments are.

UK bank pays me 0.1% interest rate

Now I still have a bank account over in the UK that I had when I was a kid, and it’s still there from when we could go over there on holiday pre-COVID. That’s paying me over in the UK a 0.1% interest gain. So pretty pathetic. And it just made me think about what else do we have as options?

February Daily trades make +6.2% in February

So as traders, we obviously have a massive advantage when it comes to potential gains. Now I tallied up our results from just our daily chart trades, so this is just on our membership site trades posted to clients on our membership site each day. We had a 6.2% account gain by taking just a half percent risk per trade. So very, very low risk. Something that takes five minutes a day, and all you need to do is follow along with what we’re suggesting anyway. That’s complete set and forget as well, by the way, close at the end of the week but no management. With some very simply trade management clients did a lot better than that. But even as a set and forget, that was a 6.2% gain just in the month of February. Just one timeframe as well, don’t forget. We also post other timeframe charts on our daily trading suggestions like monthly and weekly, 12 hourly etc. We post trades on our forum site and we post that several times a day, so do other clients. We take trades live on our webinars. Plus all the other trades that clients could take themselves.

So you can just see the enormous potential there from trading the Forex market but once you know what you’re doing.

Options available if you don’t want to trade yourself

Now, for some people they may not be interested in knowing how to do it, but we’ve got you covered as well. If you really don’t have the time or the will to want to know how to trade for yourselves, we’ve got a couple of options for you. One is called Echo Trade Copier, and that’s a complete set and forget, do absolutely nothing, get your account mirrored on our master account. That’s a really good option for people.

TFTC Pattern Trader makes +7.2% gain for the week

The other is our amazing trading software called Pattern Trader, TFTC Pattern Trader. Now, the Pattern Trader allows you to create trading robots based on my own strategy. The results of that have just been absolutely tremendous. Just this week, and I’m recording this on Friday so I’ve still got another whole day to go, but just this week my live account on my Pattern Trader account is up 7.2%.

Now will it make 7.2% every week? Of course it won’t. But this week it’s up 7.2% and I’ve done absolutely nothing with that, that’s completely hands-free apart from one trade I decided to manually close. But almost no manual ongoing input. Once you’ve got your bots created, and by the way it’s a simply process that takes you maybe five minutes, we have our own bots on there for people to look at and follow and use if they want to as well. But 7.2% just this week in four days. Again very, very low and controlled risk and draw down, which is absolutely crucial to trading.

Forex Insiders March webinar: The Power of Divergence

One other thing to tell you about, in March… So next week on the 10th of March, which is next Wednesday, I’m holding my monthly Forex Insiders Webinar. It’s free to attend. Last month we did a one hour live session on candle and the feedback from that was tremendous. Next week, or this week when you get this video, on Wednesday the 10th that is going to be on divergence and the power of divergence. Now, if you’ve got any interest in trading the Forex market you’ll know that I think that probably 99% of all indicators out there are completely waste of time, waste of money. But we use divergence and the power of divergence very effectively within our trading strategy. Now if you’d like to know how we do that, and this is a free session, I’ll put a link below this video on this page somewhere for you to be able to register and attend that webinar on Wednesday 10th. It will be a one hour live session, I really urge you to get there. It doesn’t matter where you live in the world, if you have any interest you really need to make the effort to try and get onto that session live. It’s going to be a good one.

Future proof your own finances

So I hope that helps. And if you really want to I suppose future proof your own finances, you can’t get excited by this 1.7% from a bank for a whole year interest rate. It’s terrible. But you can get excited by the daily trades making 6.2% in a month, or like this week with my Pattern Trader bots making 7.2% in a week. So there’s a big difference there. So the choice is yours. But if you’d like to jump on to the divergence webinar, just register using the link here and I’ll see you on that session on Wednesday. Bye for now.

Episode Title: #402: Your Investment Options are Limited

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