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Hi, I’m Paul Tillman– a full-time statistician, Forex trader, and Forex mentor/coach. I began my trading journey back in 2005 in a hotel conference room where the promises and compounding profits spreadsheets enticed me to join the world of Forex.

“I told my wife ‘I know I got burned before. But either I’m gonna do this and it’s gonna work out, I’m gonna find somebody reputable who can help me, or I’m gonna go do something else. It’s kind of that binary – you’re going one way or the other. And so that’s what I went for.”

Fast forward five years and Paul Tillman’s transformation from struggling and lost to consistently profitable Forex trader is complete.

Even more, his superior trading IQ and ability to guide fellow traders, and help them quickly level up, has seen him personally coach hundreds of traders as the TFTC’s Director of Coaching Services.

How did he achieve this transformation?

It all started when he signed up for Andrew Mitchem’s online course, The Successful Trader System.

Before that though, Paul’s introduction to Forex was, like a lot of traders, confusing and expensive.

Now he’s on a mission to make sure no trader ever again experiences what he went through.

“It was about 15, 16 years ago now, “ Paul, the Forex Trading Coach’s Director of Coaching Services, says.

“I was on a work trip and I went into this hotel conference room. Some friends said, ‘Hey, come check this out, it’s about numbers and currencies, you’re gonna love it.’

“So I walk in there and there’s these guys and they show you all these spreadsheets of how you can make your millions and millions of dollars, and the power of compounding and it’s all just gonna be perfect.

“ I was a little bit sceptical but I was also really intrigued and I could see – because I had a background in data and statistics – how Forex could work. It made sense to me.

“So I said, ‘Alright, well, I’m gonna go for this’, and I signed up…”

Sadly for Paul, he was right to be sceptical of his new trading mentors.

“They made a lot of promises and pretty much said “Hey, we’re gonna do everything for you. Just copy us. And you’ll do well.” And that’s all fine, but here’s the thing…

“One, if a company says that they have to actually be good at trading and get you results.

“Two, what happens if they go away? After about 14-15 months, there were a lot of people coming and going, people were losing money… It was just a whole big mess.

“A few months after that, the company folded and I was left with a tiny bit of education, but I didn’t know how to put it together. Everybody I was relying on just disappeared.”

Many traders can relate to Paul’s harsh introduction to the world of Forex trading, and he wants them to know they shouldn’t let a bad first time cause them to throw in the towel.

Not when he’s seen Forex change the financial futures of not only the hundreds of people he’s coached, but also his own family.

“95% of traders fail – that’s the statistic that’s always put out there – and that’s pretty much bang on the money” Paul says.

“Traders, new or experienced, run into the situation I was in back in the day…

“They don’t have any ongoing education, or a logical system to follow, or coaching, and that’s really the key to success.

“It’s sad because I have traders talk to me all the time and they say ‘Hey, this didn’t work. I’ve lost thousands of dollars and I’m ready to quit, etcetera, etcetera’.

“Then they do quit trading because something else goes wrong and it just reinforces all the negative thoughts, all the scepticism, that the market’s against them, that they’ll never win a trade and it becomes Murphy’s Law. It just doesn’t help your psyche, you have no confidence and it really hurts. I’ve been there. It’s tough.

“We’re ready to show traders a different way.”

Paul experienced this “different way” firsthand when he got in touch with Andrew Mitchem aka “The Forex Trading Coach”. 

After almost a decade in the trading wilderness trying to figure things out on his own, Paul found Andrew’s system was everything he was looking for to finally become consistently profitable.

Though given all of his struggles throughout his Forex journey, he admits to needing a little convincing when he first spoke to Andrew.

“I was extremely skeptical when I first checked him out,” Paul laughs.

“I was like, ‘Oh man. Where is the red flag? What is this guy’s story? Where is the scam here?’ I just never found it.”

Paul never found that red flag. What he found instead was Andrew’s 100% transparency about his trading record. Because Andrew posts his daily trades and results inside the member’s section of the website every single day, his success and legitimacy as a trader can’t be questioned. Anyone can go back and check all of the trades of the last 12 years against the charts to verify the results – something Paul agrees he did when he first joined.

“I just loved the honesty that he had in business and trading” Paul says.

“It’s just you see so many scams on the internet, not just Forex but everywhere, and people trying to take advantage and ego, but Andrew’s transparency and honesty allowed me to be able to say, “Look, I’ve got a mentor and a coach that’s gonna help me get where I wanna go, to help me be profitable.It’s honest, I know it’s not going away or a risk of going away’. That really helped me in terms of specific trading things, basically what he offered and what he said he was gonna do, he did, and he did it above that in his business and personally.

“Any time you have trust in any transaction or business, that’s one of the No.1 things, and it comes with the knowledge and expertise from being around so long and knowing that the system actually works and makes money. It doesn’t work just for a month or two, it has worked year in, year out, for a long time.

“I remember emailing Andrew for the first time in April of 2015, and he was on holiday, and I think it was around Easter time, and I remember he replied back within 30 minutes to an hour. I was so surprised and amazed… That sort of communication, we went back and forth and I was grilling him on everything, and I got so much confidence and comfort with that.”

“I said, ‘You know what, I’m ready to give this a shot, I can’t find a red flag’. There was a guarantee there that if you put the work in, that we would achieve this certain amount, and I have never found that anywhere else in the Forex world.”

What Paul didn’t expect when he signed up for Andrew’s course, The Successful Trader System, was it would be the start of an exciting new career path.

The course proved to be the missing piece in Paul’s Forex puzzle and as his skills and trading results accelerated so did his role within TFTC.

He laid the foundation for his future coaching role by being a friendly, knowledgeable voice within the student forum as one of the main moderators, then progressing to answering a lot of the student emails and sharing hosting duties of the live weekly coaching webinar.

One-on-one coaching developed naturally, he says, thanks to demand from the students who, in his experience, are a lot closer to becoming consistently profitable and seriously growing their accounts than they initially believe themselves to be.

“Coaching really helps speed up that learning curve, and what I found is a lot of the time it’s really just refining their trading,” Paul says.

“Most people are not very far off doing great things but they’re also doing things they shouldn’t and they need someone to spot that and refine their trading so the wins become bigger and more regular. I’ve really enjoyed that – helping people achieve these breakthroughs.

“What it does is it makes people extremely confident and comfortable with trading. You go through trades with people and it’s really fun to get to know each other and say ‘Hey, these are some good things you did, here’s some things you need to improve on’. Then seeing the results and their accounts grow over the weeks and months after is really rewarding for me and the student.”

After helping so many people get unstuck with their trading, Paul has two pieces of critical advice for traders…

“First up, to trade successfully you need somebody that has a history, that has experience, that’s been around a while. That’s if you want to be profitable in a reasonable amount of time and not lose years and years and burn money. Find someone that knows what they’re doing and copy them.

“The second thing is you don’t have to have a mathematical or statistical background to be a good trader. I think it’s very important to point out that elephant in the room because a lot of people assume you do. You can have any background you want, you just have to have a love for trading and be willing to listen and apply what you learn.

Ultimately, however, Paul has one dream as a trading coach… to lose his job!

“God forbid something happens to Andrew and I and we’re not here anymore to help with trades. But if it does, you know what? The course and the coaching is designed so that soon enough you won’t need us,” Paul says.

“You can go full-time trading or supplement the income to your other job and you’re confident enough to run your own show.

“Our goal is always to see everyone who is signed up for the course, everyone who does 1-On-1 coaching, eventually veers off and they’re not asking us for help anymore.

“Instead of being a student, you want them to become so educated and skilled that they’re almost like a colleague, for want of a better word, like another trader that you exchange ideas with inside the forum.

“So really your goal is to keep coaching yourself out of a job.”

***Want to grow your income through Forex but struggling to become consistently profitable? Paul TiIlman has walked in your shoes, battled the same common Forex enemies and won! He can show you how to do the same.


Simply click here to contact Paul for a quick no-obligation chat about your trading goals and struggles.***


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