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If you’re reading this it means you’ve hit a brick wall with your Forex trading.

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I’ve taught more than 2000 people across 88 countries how to profit from Forex…

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I don’t normally leave reviews on things, but the reviews on here helped get me across the line and give it a go so here I am doing my part for the next struggling trader…
I am only a couple of weeks into this so I will update as we go on but so far it has easily been the best investment in my forex trading education to date.

I have stuck with other strategies for so long… conscious of staying focussed and not being a ‘strategy hopper’ but I would constantly miss valid trades due to either work commitments or timezone differences and although I knew they were profitable strategies from past performance and extensive backtesting, there was just something missing/didn’t quite suit with me living in Australia and entries often being presented around midnight!

I decided to bite the bullet, buy the course, and transfer a small amount of my trading capital into a new account to try out Andrews strategy, and I can gladly say I think I have finally found what I have been looking for and I wish I did it earlier.

Andrew and his team are constantly on the forum, highlighting potential trades and then ones that they have taken live! This is refreshing to see after being around in trading for a little while now as everyone is an expert in hindsight but very few are willing to put their balls and reputation on the line – which Andrew does.
The thing I love about Andrews strategy is the flexibility it gives me regarding time on the charts – It may not be for everyone but it is resonating with me and I can see this working for me long term.

The only downsides for me, to keep things in balance, would be that I have a Mac running OS Catalina, have always used Ctrader Web platform for order execution and use Tradingview for analysis. This course requires you to use MT4/5 (for full use of Andrews custom indicators) which is Windows based and at time of writing this, isn’t compatible with OS Catalina, and is quite a clunky platform to use for anyone coming from Tradingview. You can get MT4/5 to work but you will need to purchase/install a virtual computer to allow you to run windows on your Mac. I found ‘Parallels’ works well for me.
In saying that, I am making money so I am not complaining!

And to that fact of the stats, not even a month in and I am looking like I will have my best monthly % return in years.

Thanks Andrew and team.
Nathan G
QLD, Australia, May 14, 2020,

Wow…I honestly have tears of joy.
I am embarrassed to say that I have spent 20 years trying to work this out on and off. I had quit trading many times and spent a pile of money with multiple different people. Some were just average and some were scams. All of them lacking something that I could never put my finger on. Luckily I discovered Andrew Mitchem and joining the program was my last roll of dice. I could not be more impressed with every detail. It is just so comprehensive and delivered so professionally with all the ongoing support anyone could ask for from a team of real traders who genuinely want to assist you to become profitable.
Thank you Andrew and team. I would highly recommend this service to anyone interested in improving their trading.
Chris Delaney
Sydney, Australia, 3rd May 2020

What can I say? I am with Andrew’s site for about a year now and my Forex trading has improved dramatically. I only trade HTF (daily and weekly) but with some risk management it made me close to 40% in 1 year. Much better than any bank offers. Thanks Andrew!
Guadalajara, Mexico, 3rd December, 2017

Andrew Mitchem’s, The Forex Trading Coach course is the best forex course that I have done, and I have done 2 other courses that were way more expensive than Andrew’s.
I have used the strategies and systems for over 3 years and all have been profitable years. The strategies and systems are tech based with explanations on where and how to place entries, targets and exits based on price action and chart patterns which is taught in depth on the course. Easy to follow for newbies or struggling traders that just can’t get it right in this exciting industry of FX.
I can only speak highly of Andrew’s very hands on approach of helping all members new and old with constant encouragement and ongoing training in his webinars which he now holds weekly as his members base has grown since I did the course. It was every bi-weekly when I did the course but now weekly.
Andrew is regarded as a Giant on FPA and to be called a Giant you must have a decent reputation as FPA doesn’t give these out easily.
If you are considering wanting to learn the proper, safer way to learn to trade FX then I recommend that you contact Andrew and see for yourself what he has to offer and then you will understand why he is regarded as a Giant by FPA.

John, a now successful trader after trading for more than 8 years.
John Alberghini
Doha, Qatar, 7th October 2017

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for teaching me how to truly trade forex. You are the only coach I have encountered so far whose strategies actually work! You are realistic in teaching the ups and downs of trading forex, and I truly appreciate how you taught me proper money management so I will be able to protect my capital and survive in the market.
I am happy to say after weeks of practice with your strategies, I am slowly getting into my groove. I grew my account 7% last week and now up by 4% this week. My account has grown +8% to date (accounting for previous week’s losses). For the past 2 weeks, I have traded in 1H charts, looking for the candlestick patterns you taught us and tying this up with the strength and weakness for the week. I plan to continue this routine, and I hope to be consistently profitable with this strategy.
Thanks again Andrew and I am happy to have found you as a trading coach.
Michelle Leviste
3rd October 2017

Having taken a couple of Forex Courses over the last year, I stumbled across Andrew Mitchem and his Forex Trading Coach Course. I signed up last month and in 4 weeks I have learnt more “relevant” info than I have in the previous year and at a fraction of the cost of the last course I took . I had hit a brick wall with the last course, I couldn’t get nay further. I could see myself fast becoming a Break Even trader at best. As a relative beginner, I wanted to get the right training from the Off. The course is laid out very simply and its very easy to take in. The fact that its on video means you can go back over stuff that you didn’t get the first time and view it again and again and if necessary again and again. If you still cant grasp it, you just ping Andrew a mail and you will have the answer within 24 hours. How refreshing is that, the boss man himself is available for you, incredible in this day and age. This way of teaching is the only way, you cant go wrong, you don’t have to worry if you miss something, just pause, rewind and replay. Andrew is a fab teacher, he really is. See for yourself and take his quick free Engulfing Candle Strategy Video, this will give you an idea of how he teaches, the rest of the course moves at the same pace with the same vibe. Even at this early stage, this feels like the best $ I have ever spent and in only two Daily trades (all my own work and not Andrew’s suggestions) I have made the cost of the course back in just 18 hours. I feel like have closed half a trade and I now cant lose, its now a free course to me. Don’t get me wrong I have had plenty of losses, the losses are really important and you will learn more from the losses than you will from the wins. Over the last few weeks but I have learned so much and its been the most enjoyable experience. Andrew is very responsive. I have literally just had a response from him from an email I sent 45 minutes ago. I am in London, he is in NZ, the time difference isn’t an issue (I thought it would be, it really isn’t). Due to work commitments I haven’t had time to attend any Webinars yet but it doesn’t matter, I can view them on my own time via his website. Guys this is sensational package, a proper 5* package for 2* bucks. I almost didn’t write this review as I don’t want anyone else to know about it….. I know, selfish Englishman….. but when something is this good, it has to be shared. Andrew if you are reading this, thank you, its a brilliant course, you are a top coach and I am loving every bit of it…… Don’t mess about guys, Andrew is the real deal !
Simon W
London, United Kingdom, 1st May 2017

What you will learn on this free training webinar:

Fast-track your trading

In just 60 days you can learn the proven, profitable, repeatable system that took me four years to build.

Earn while you learn

An exclusive insider’s tip that puts you on the pathway to profit so you can start seeing results today.

Eliminate your risk

The surprisingly safe “Reward:Risk” strategy that delivers profitable trades with the tiniest fraction of your funds on the line

My story

How a former dairy farmer became a profitable full-time trader. I’m living proof that anyone can make a good living from trading. Follow in my footsteps…

Less time trading, more time living

My efficient, straight-forward chart process gets your trading done and dusted in as little as 30 minutes a day.

Unlock your trading confidence

The No.1 reason you’re too scared to “push the button” on your trades (and how to defeat it instantly).

Fibonacci on a higher level

My practical “Farmer’s Method” for using Fibonacci levels in real time for maximum accuracy and profit gain.

It’s all in your control

A common-sense approach to seeing strength or weakness patterns in any currency pair so you have total clarity on what to do at all times.

Shifting your mindset

This is what separates “hobby” traders from those that make the profitable leap to full-time Forex.

Your profit action plan

How to pull together all the information, strategies, tips and tools into a rock-solid process that delivers the lifestyle you want.

Spark the flame

The five simple candle shapes that inform all of my trades – and why they make more money than any other candle strategy out there.

Battle of the Bots

Why 99% of trading “robots” are expensive gimmicks that only suck your money.

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