Frequently Asked Questions

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What pairs can I trade your system on?

You can trade any Forex Currency pair with the strategy. You can even trade Gold, Silver and Oil with the strategy. 

How much time do I need to dedicate to trading each day?

This depends upon what style of trader you are or want to be. I have some clients who trade for just a few minutes per week on the Monthly, Weekly and Daily charts,. Others trade certain hours during the day on the lower time frame charts. Personally I trade the Monthly charts on the first day of each new month (10 minutes), the Weekly charts at the start of each week (10 minutes), Daily charts each day (10 minutes per day) and at the same time, I also look at the 4, 6, 8 and 12 hour charts. I only look to trade at the close of a candle. My trading takes me less than 30 minutes a day.

What time frame charts can I trade with your system?

Any time frame chart can be traded. If you like to trade less but with higher probability I would suggest the Monthly, Weekly and Daily charts.
From there, I’d suggest the H12, H8, H6 and H4 charts. If you prefer more action you can trade the H2, the H1 charts or lower. Some of my clients trade only the 15 minute and 5 minute charts. Really this depends upon you and what time frame charts you find suits your available time or trading personality. The great thing with the strategy is it is not limited to just one time frame chart or just a certain time of the day.

I have heard you are keen on good money management, can you explain more?

I believe that good, low risk money management is an essential (yet often overlooked) element in determining your trading success. I trade using the reward:risk theory. I trade with a maximum of just 0.5% account risk per trade. This ensures a smooth equity curve and it also ensures emotions do not control my trading. This theory also allows for any time frame chart to be traded as the individual stop loss of the trade is not important. The important factor is having a trade that returns between 1.5 – 4 times its risk. For example a 3:1 reward:risk trade would mean 0.5% of the account is risked and a 1.5% return is achieved when the trade reaches the profit target. Notice how I have not mentioned anything about the number of pips made or lost on the trade !!

Can I talk with a current client to find out more?

Yes this would be possible. Please contact me directly and request to be put in contact with an existing trading client. Click here to email me

What broker or trading platform do I need to use?

My software works on the Metatrader MT4/MT5 platform that is available free of charge from a large number of International brokers. My suggestions are Axi, Go Markets, Blueberry Markets, Fusion Markets and Pepperstone. You can use any MT4/MT5 broker, even if it’s just on a demo account if you already have a live account with a non-MT4/MT5 broker. However I suggest you use a broker that uses a 5 day week on the Daily charts. This means the charts open at 5pm EST New York Time. Here is a list of other good MT4/MT5 brokers who use the correct start of day charts:

Click here for my recommended list of brokers and other Forex tools

What makes your course different from the others?

There are many reasons, here are a few:

  • I am a full time Forex trader myself and I created the course myself. This means you are being taught by a real trader, not by a stand up on stage salesman who has never traded before.
  • The live trading room webinars are fantastic. We trade on live account in front of you in real time. You can see the account and listen to the reasons why we take each trade. This is a great way to see real time live trading.
  • We make Daily trading suggestions every day which allows you to follow along and “earn while you learn”. We mention the pairs we’re trading, the direction, the reasons why we’re taking the trades along with my exact entry and exit levels.
  • The strategy works regardless of where you live in the world and also regardless of why style of trader you are. Any pair and any time frame chart can be traded.
  • We answer all emails personally. I am based in New Zealand and I work with Paul Tillman who is based in the US and Mikalai Surynau who is based in the UK. Both Paul and Mikalai were clients of mine who have traded so well, they are now part of the team.
  • The strategy is built upon sound, proven technical analysis.
  • You can trade in less than 30 minutes a day. No more watching charts all day long!
If you can make money from trading, why do you teach others?

I enjoy the contact and interaction with other traders. Trading can be a lonely business and I have met and been in contact with some amazing people through my coaching business. I also find that to coach someone I have to know my own course and strategy inside out. Teaching others also helps keep my own trading disciplined.
Paul Tillman and Mikalai Surynau work with me at The Forex Trading Coach. They were both coaching clients and have been so successful with their trading, they are now part of the coaching team.

Can you tell me what returns you are making per month?

I like to achieve 5 – 10% per month from all of my trades. I use only 0.25 – 0.50% risk per trade. Due to the low risk per trade, drawdowns are kept very low.

Do I have to watch the charts all day or can I trade a set and forget approach?

I prefer set and forget but it depends on the type of trader you are. Some people prefer to make an analysis after the close of each candle.

You can easily trade the system in less than 30 minutes per day and still look at several time frame charts. If you wish to trade just the Daily charts, this will take you just 5-10 minutes a day.

Is the method strictly rule based or is there also an element of discretion?

Some discretion is involved to select which trades to take but that is all covered in the course, on the forum site and during the live weekly webinars.

How long do students take to learn your system effectively?

1 – 3 months. Those who don’t rush succeed. Those that think they know it all 2 days after purchasing the course generally struggle initially before I tell them to take their time, go back and read the notes, watch the videos and attend the trading room webinars and the forum room.

What percentage of your students do not succeed and why do you think that is?

The 80:20 rule applies. 80% are successful to achieving amazing returns and 20% probably are at breakeven to not successful. You need to have a passion for trading and be excited by it. For some people trading is just not the thing for them while others start introducing old habits when a few trades go against them rather than sticking to what I teach. The strategy is not hard but some people are easily distracted and don’t treat trading as a longer term business. The “I want it all now” mentality does not work if you wish to be a successful Forex trader. This may sound harsh or blunt but it is the reality that most people will never tell you. I know as I have been through this process myself and once you treat trading seriously and take low risk, high probability trades you will become a successful and independant trader which in turn brings all the benefits of income and lifestyle that everyone is seeking when they start out. Most will never achieve this and lack of good education is the main reason.

How much is the on-going subscription fee?

You have full access for a lifetime to the Video Course, the MT4/MT5 Indicators, the Support Site and Email Support. If you wish to continue with the Daily Trades, the Live Weekly Webinars, the Webinar Recordings and the Forum site after the initial 12 months, there is an on-going annual fee of USD$597 (or $197 for 3 months subscription).

Can I pay by split payments?

The course fee is a one-off fee. However, if you would prefer to split the payments, please send me an email/support ticket, letting me know how you would like to split the payments, such as how much per week or per month. Please note that we do not give any access to the course until 50% of the total course fee has been received. 

Guarantee & Refunds

Please note that there are no certainties in trading. We cannot guarantee your success. Please read through the course content and this website carefully before deciding to join and purchase the Coaching Course or TFTC Pattern Trader or Echo Trade Copier. As the material is online and contains knowledge and intellectual property, none of this can be returned. Therefore, no refunds are given if you cannot make trading work for you or if you don’t like the strategy or simply change your mind.
The only exception is for those clients who purchase the course when we are offering a 20% return with the Coaching Course. This means that if our Daily chart trading suggestions do not make a 20% account return (using 0.5% account risk per trade, split evenly at 0.25% risk per position between a market and retracement order) in the 12 months from your joining date, a full course refund can be applied for. Note that the trade performance is updated on the Membership site and you do not need to take each trade yourself to qualify for the refund. A refund must be applied for within 2 weeks from the end of the 12 month time frame.

How do your trading indicators help my trading?

I have been trading with the same strategy and indicators since 2006. The indicators run on the MT4 or MT5 trading platform and they help to identify high probability trading opportunities. One indicator identifies the various candle shapes and patterns that we trade. One indicator helps you to identify if the current conditions are suitable for taking a new trade. One indicator helps to determine if the trade is a reversal or a continuation trade. Another indicator helps identify 2 different types of divergence. Support and Resistance levels and round numbers are also plotted and all of the indicators automatically update in real time. Of course, we also teach you in great detail how to trade and use the indicators.