What Makes Us Different at TFTC?

In this video:
00:29 – So you want to become a Forex trader
01:00 – New or Frustrated Trader
02:16 – We address the real issues
03:03 – Trade in a few minutes a day
03:45 – Trade off the close of a candle
04:28 – The opportunity to follow us
05:45 – Trades posted on our Forum site and on our Live Webinars
07:00 – Trading software, Support and the Strategy
07:18 – Free Trading Information for you

What makes us different here at the Forex Trading Coach? Let’s talk about that and more right now.

Hey, traders. It’s Andrew Mitchem here, the owner of the Forex Trading Coach. This is video and podcast number 350, and I want to talk about us here at the Forex Trading Coach, how we can help you.

So you want to become a Forex trader

But what makes us different? So you want to become a forex trader. Now, you can go online. You can probably look locally around you, and you will find there are courses, there are coaches, there are systems, there are strategies, there are robots, there are books, there are… Everything to do with forex trading is online.

The problem is, from your point of view, is how do you know which is good and which is not good, what works, what doesn’t work?

New or Frustrated Trader

You see, as a forex trader, you’re going to be in one or two different situations. If you’re new, you’re looking online and it probably all looks quite exciting right now, but also, it will start to lead to confusion because where do you go? How do you know what’s good or what isn’t good? Because, to start with, it all looks kind of good because it’s all new, and you kind of believe everything that’s out there.

If you’re a experienced trader, well, you’re into that frustration time. You’ve been through and you’ve tried different systems, and you bought robots and book courses. You’ve bought strategies. You’ve done coaching sessions. You may even have been physically to somewhere in your area or travelled to do some coaching. But the problem is, although it probably looked okay, it doesn’t work. And now you’re still in that same reoccurring cycle of a bit of hope, pay some money, it doesn’t work, find the next thing, a bit of hope, pay some money, it doesn’t work, and you keep going until you either run out of money, give up, frustrated, someone tells you you’re silly for keeping trying, or you try your own ideas and they still don’t work.

That’s the problem that people have. You’re either new or frustrated, but one or the other is what you’re going to have.

We address the real issues

So here at The Forex Trading Coach (TFTC), we like to think that we’re different because we address the real issues. We realise that you’re busy. We realise that you’ve probably got family, kids, partners, sports, jobs. That thing called a job, most people have got a job. And so the last thing that you want to be doing is sitting hour after hour after hour either trying to understand a strategy or, once you’ve done that, being forced to sit there at certain times of the day, or just waiting for that line to cross over that line so you can take that trade according to that strategy. We realise that that is not good. We realise that’s not practical.

Trade in a few minutes a day

We are real traders. We’re real people, all with families, working from home. Our aim at The Forex Trading Coach (TFTC) is to get you to be able to trade in only a few minutes a day if you want to. So if you wanted to trade just the weekly and daily charts, you should really trade no more than maybe 30, 40 minutes in the entire week. And you know exactly when to do that. We have traders here at Forex Trading Coach who just trade 10 minutes just once a week on weekly charts, and that’s it.

You can trade any time frame that you want. And the beauty of the system is it works on all pairs or time frames.

Trade off the close of a candle

But because we are looking at close of a candle, if you’re looking at a close of a daily chart, you know when to go and look at your charts. If you’re looking at a close of a four-hour chart, you know when to go and look at your chart. So, practically, we’re realistic about things. We’re realistic about results. We’re realistic about the expectations as well. So no one becomes disappointed because we’re not out there making claims of making 100% returns in a week or a month. We’re not doing that.

We’re all about real trading. We’re about low risk per trade. We’re about high-reward to risk trades, and we’re about knowing when to trade and what to look for but without taking all of your day to do it. So that’s one part of the equation.

The opportunity to follow us

The other part is, when you’re learning something, there’s nothing better than following someone. And that’s exactly what we offer. We offer our daily trading suggestions. So once a day, you can log in to our membership site on the close of the daily chart and you’ll look at the trades that we’re taking, the specific trades. You look at your charts, see why we’re taking the trades because we explain that. See where our entry and exits are. Again, we explain all those reasons why.

So, over time, you get to understand how that all works, and you can do that by yourself. But while you’re learning, and even ongoing, you can follow along with our trades. Now, don’t forget… You’ve probably heard me say this before, but every single year since I started posting daily trades in 2010, every single year, we have been profitable. So if you did nothing else and just followed once a day, it’s going to take you five minutes to log in, view the trades, and take them on your chats. Five minutes once a day every year has been profitable.

So that’s earning while you’re learning philosophy. Of course, we want you to then go and be able to take that for yourself and learn that for yourself and understand how to take the trades, what to look for. But the earn while you learn, the following along with real traders, is what also helps add to that,

Trades posted on our Forum site and on our Live Webinars

Ourselves and other clients are posting trades on our forum’s site every day. We’re posting trades on different time frame charts on our forum’s site for you to go and view, follow along, see the screenshots, and on top of that, we have our live weekly webinars.

They all get recorded if you cannot attend them live, but you can follow along on those webinars and there is nothing better because don’t forget, on a live webinar, we’ve got no idea what’s happening out there in the market. We’ve got no idea what will happen in the next two hours while we’re on a live webinar. So by hearing us discussing trades, by hearing us and listening to us, interacting with us of the actual process that we go through to go, “This trade’s not bad, but I’m not taking it because of reasons A, B, and C,” or, “This trade here, I’m loving this trade because it’s got this, this, this, this, this, all the things we’re looking for. Yes, I’m prepared to take this trade. This is my risk. These are my entry and exit levels. Here’s the trade. I’m taking the trade. You can watch me take the trade right now.”

By understanding our thought process of how we evaluate different trades, that is invaluable information to help you progress as a trader.

Trading software, Support and the Strategy

So you put all of that together, and of course, we’ve not even mentioned the MT4 and MT5 software, have not even mentioned the actual support that you get. The strategy itself, don’t forget how important that is. But it’s the backup and the information that comes with it that really, really makes the difference.

Free Trading Information for you

If you’d like to know more, I’ve got a lot-size calculator, a risk calculator, available on my site. I’ll put links next to this video or below this video. I’ve got my e-books. You can find out my story from dairy farmer through to forex trader. I hold webinars each week for new traders and webinars each week for the more experienced, frustrated traders. I’ll put links somewhere below this video and on this post. So you can choose any of those that you’d like to take advantage of gaining.

The calculator’s amazing to help you keep your risk controlled and low per trade. The e-books really interested if you’re interested in going through the story of of how you can go and copy what I’ve done, go from your job today through to a full-time trader. The webinars are great information and learning tools.

So, once again, this is Andrew Mitchem at the Forex Trading Coach. I’ll see you this time next week with more trading tips and information. Bye for now.


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