Achieving Great Trading Results



#412: Achieving Great Trading Results

In this video:
00:24 – At the airport today
01:13 – Sharing comments from clients
01:42 – XAU/USD MN1 trade closes for 10.1:1 Reward:Risk
02:14 – Weekly Oil trades hit profit targets
02:35 – Webinar with clients and profitable trades
03:30 – We offer daily trade suggestions to follow
04:11 – Another client makes fantastic gains
04:42 – Contact me [email protected]

Forex traders, all we want is results, isn’t it? Let’s talk about how we are achieving results and how our clients are achieving great results right now.

Hey, traders, Andrew here at the Forex Trading Coach with video and podcast number 412.

At the airport today

And as you can see, I’m at the airport, just been for a fly here and right behind me, we’re about to get an Air New Zealand plane taking off. So, it may get a little bit noisy. I’ve just come inside the hangar. Now with results for me, that’s what pays for this. Trading results pays for this, and without trading results, I can’t make that thing fly. I couldn’t have learned to fly without trading because of time to be able to learn to fly. I certainly couldn’t put fuel in it. And that’s one of my reasons why I trade, because I love to fly.

And for you, it may be different. It may be time off. It may be time with the family, whatever it is, but you’ve got to get results. That’s the important thing.

Sharing comments from clients

And I just want to share with you an email that came through last week from Sean, one of our clients, and he said, “Andrew, I’ve had a 8.44% gain this week, 11% for the month so far. Loving following the forum and the daily trade suggestions, helps cut out the leg work, which is good when you have limited time. Have a great weekend, Sean.” So that’s an 8.44% gain by Sean there and just shows what can be achieved.

XAU/USD MN1 trade closes for 10.1:1 Reward:Risk

We’ve had trades on our gold trade. Our monthly gold trade has just closed for a 10.1 reward to risk. Do you know that’s one of the very highest reward to risk trades I’ve ever had personally? Half percent risk on that equals a 5% gain on my account from that one trade that took literally about 30 seconds to place. That plane will be taking off shortly behind me here, so it’s going to get touch noisy for a second. We’ll just let that plane go. And he’s on the way now, so I can talk about more trades. Yeah.

Weekly Oil trades hit profit targets

We’ve had some oil trades that have done tremendously well. I don’t trade oil very often, but if you look back on your charts, back in around the middle of April, WTI West Texas and Brent crude oil, both were really, really good trades, had great profit on them. One made a 3.7 to one rewards risks. One made a 3.5. So that’s gone nicely as well.

Webinar with clients and profitable trades

Yesterday, I had a webinar with a client. They had a 12 hour chart trade, hit full profit on the Aussie Canadian. Yesterday, we mentioned a six hour chart trade for our clients on the pound US, which worked. We’ve had clients taking four hour charts that work. The beauty of this is, is it works regardless of the pair, regardless of the timeframe chart you are trading. We looked at the US dollar index. Again, not something we normally trade, but you look at Monday’s candle or Friday’s candle for Monday of this week on the US dollar index, it worked a treat. It works beautifully because the pattern is what works. We look for reversal patterns or we look for continuation patterns. That’s all we’re looking for. And it’s really simple to trade, really simple to see. And therefore all you need to do as a trader, is look at the timeframe chart that is showing the right setup that we’re looking for at the time. That’s all you need to do.

And… Sorry, as I’m driving my… Lucky I can fly the helicopter better than I can hold this gimbal.

We offer daily trade suggestions to follow

But that’s what we do. We offer people daily trading suggestions, webinars, live webinars, they’re gold. They’re invaluable information, [forum site 00:03:31], et cetera, all this information to help people to see and understand and be able to take with confidence, with low risk, high reward to risk trades, these very, very simple candle patterns. And they know exactly when to enter. They know exactly where to exit. The fib levels that we use are incredibly, incredibly accurate and ensure high rewards restraints.

So, that’s really what today’s session is about. It’s about the likes of Sean, that 8.44.

Another client makes fantastic gains

I’ve got another email here just received this morning from Rio. He has got in front of me here. I mean, I’ve printed it out. You can see the trades there off a screenshot. He’s got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine trades there. One trade’s lost. It lost him $10. And he’s only just joined us, just two weeks ago, and he’s had profitable trades of $19, $33, $38, 26, 21, 16, 30. So high reward to risk trades. That’s what we are about.

Contact me [email protected]

If you’d like to know more, just send me an email, andrew@the And I’ll see you this time next week with more trading news and information. And I just filled the heli up with fuel. It’s time for a flight. Unfortunately, I can’t film me flying it because that wouldn’t be right, but it’s a lot of fun to fly. But like trading, there’s a lot of challenges as well, but do it right and it’s rewarding. Trading, flying exactly the same thing. Put the work in upfront, start slowly, get a good education, be sensible about it, treat it properly, and the rewards will be there.

So hope that helps. I’ll see you this time next week. Bye for now.

Episode Title: #412: Achieving Great Trading Results

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