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In this weekly video:
00:25 – Father Christmas does not really exist
00:55 – How much money can I make from my trading?
02.12 – You have to be real with your expectations
02:49 – My 2 options for you to success – #1 learn to trade for yourself
03:46 – Options #2 – have my robots trade your account automatically
04:58 – Be real and my conclusions
05:30 – Learning how to trade is so important

As a Forex trader, you need to be realistic, and you need to understand that Father Christmas does not really exist. Let me explain exactly what I mean right now.

Hey traders, its Andrew Mitchem here, owner of the Forex Trading Coach video and podcast number 275.

Father Christmas does not really exist

And I want to explain to you why Father Christmas, or Santa, does not really exist and how that affects you as a Forex trader. So just bear with me here, there’s a bit of a story behind this.

So just yesterday, I did an interview for a podcast from a forex trading website over in the U.K. Before we started the interview, the guy said to me, “Do you find that you get comments and emails from people who are completely unrealistic in their approaches to trading?” And I said, “Yeah, absolutely I do”.

How much money can I make from my trading?

And just this week I had a guy that said to me, ‘How much money can I make from my trading, Andrew?’ And I said, ‘Well, it depends.’ And I said to him, ‘Well, how long is a piece of string?’ And I said to him, ‘Well really, it depends on your account size, how good a trader you are, what the risk of your trades are, what risk you take per trade. There are so many variables. I cannot say to you this is how much you are going to make per week from Forex, because it’s unrealistic to put a number on it.'”

And the guy who was interviewing me said, “Hey I can go one better than that. I had a person who said to me, ‘I have 100 pounds in my account, can I make £20,000 per week?'” And the guy was laughing, and he said, “Well, we have to tell people out there,” which is why I’m doing this right now, because the expectation is, is that you’re going to make an absolute fortune out of your trading straightaway. And the guy said, “It’s like telling people that … it’s that memory that you had as a child, when you found out that Father Christmas, or Santa, does not really exist.” And it’s such a like … it’s a soul-destroying thought, because you have these very high expectation and there’s sort of these dreams, and then all of a sudden somebody tells you that it’s not real. And there’s that big deflation.

You have to be real with your expectations

So, I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, ’cause I’ve got some great news to share with you, but the thing is, you have to be real with your trading and your expectations. Don’t go into trading if you’ve got like thinking you’re going to suddenly give up your job and make a fortune out of your trading from the very beginning, because you won’t. Look, I’ve got clients, and quite a good number of clients who have given up their jobs and are now trading forex full-time since taking my course. But it’s taken them a bit of time and some hard work and some dedication. And yeah, they’ve probably got slightly bigger accounts and things like that. But it can certainly be done.

My 2 options for you to success – #1 learn to trade for yourself

So the good news is, I’ve got two options for you that will enable you to do well from forex. The first one is, of course, you could look at trading for yourself by taking my five-star rated coaching course. It’s been running for over nine years now. The same strategy, you know, we just keep building in terms of the things that we’re adding to the course, in terms of now we’ve got U.S. live webinars every second week. I’ve got people monitoring the forum site now, 24 hours a day. So it’s not just this side of the world that’s covered, it’s globally now that’s covered 24 hours a day in terms of support tickets and things like that. We’re getting some amazing results from the clients who have taken the course, in terms of they are just seeing some outstanding results on their own accounts. So that’s one option for you. And so, I’ll put a link below this video and podcast if you want to learn how to trade for yourself.

Options #2 – have my robots trade your account automatically

The other option is, I have developed a group of trading robots, or expert advisers, that run completely auto-magically, as I call it. So they can be traded on your account using some third-party trade-copying software called Forex Solutions. And it basically means that your account gets linked to my account, you pay a monthly fee, completely hands free. Once you’ve set it up, it’s a five, 10 minute job, set it up, and your account gets all the trades that I take, or my robots take, automatically placed onto your account, and it’s absolutely amazing.

Look, it’s up around 16% in the last five months. And again, be realistic, some people might go, “Andrew, 16% that’s terrible.” And I go, “Well, 16% with very, very low risk is actually really, really good.” And so considering you’ve had to do no trading, no looking at charts, no anything to have a 16% growth in five months to me is quite outstanding, considering we have very, very low risk and draw downs. And that’s an important key as well. And it’s completely hands free. You don’t have to update any virtual servers, you don’t have to monitor anything, it’s completely done for you hands free. And again, if that interests you, I’ll put a link below this video.

Be real and my conclusions

So, I suppose the conclusion is, yes, you can make money from forex trading if you make exceptionally good gains. But if you think you’re going to turn £100 into £20,000 a week, or things like that, and your whole aim when you start trading is, “How much money can I make,” the realistic outcome is, it’s probably not very good.

So, the thing that I say to so many people, and I’ll say it again right now for everybody listening to take in and take onboard. The important thing is, if you want to learn how to trade, so option one, take my course

Learning how to trade is so important

But the important thing is, it’s actually learning how to trade is important. You could have a million dollars in your account, and you can lose money if you don’t what you are doing. So the important thing is learning how to trade. Get that bit right, the money will follow. So that’s if you want to learn to trade for yourself.

And the other option, of course, is to use something like managed funds, which I can also offer, but we have a $100,000 minimum account size on that. So realistically again, for the vast majority of people, the option there is a trade copier, a very low monthly fee to have your account copied 100% hands free from my trading robots. So again, the link to that will be below this video if that interests you also.

So, hope that helps. Be realistic in your trading, and you will make excellent money. Thanks again, this is Andrew Mitchem, the Forex Trading Coach. Bye for now.

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