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In this video:
00:31 – Information overload online
01:11 – 2 live webinars this week for you to attend
01:39 – Paul Tillman will be joining me in New Zealand for the webinars
02:59 – Paul now works with me at TFTC
03:24 – Webinars to help you with your biggest trading problem
04:54 – 2 trades taken live on client’s webinar – both hit their profit target

Let us help shortcut your learning process and make your trading profitable, very quickly. Let’s talk about that and more right now.

Hey traders, Andrew Mitchem here at the Forex Trading Coach and welcome to video and podcast number 354.

So in this video and podcast I’ve got some very, very exciting information to share with you.

Information overload online

You see, when you look at it online, there are thousands of Forex experts. There’s lots of information, information overload, analysis paralysis, call it what you like. There’s just so much out there. The problem is in reality most of it’s not good. And what we want to do for you is to help kickstart your trading into gear. Basically get it moving, making it profitable and making it doing that without much stress on your behalf with little time used up and making it practical, making it real, making it profitable and consistent with low risk. All those things that as a trader you should be looking for.

2 live webinars this week for you to attend

So we’re going to be holding a couple of webinars this week and by the time you watch this video you’ll be, it’ll be this week. Friday right now as I’m recording this, you will see this on Monday, so the webinars will be on Wednesday and Thursday. There are two of them. There’ll be a link on this page where you can choose which one that best suits you. You’re welcome to attend both if you wish to. They are going to be live, but an extra special twist is this.

Paul Tillman will be joining me in New Zealand for the webinars

So I’m going to be joined right here at my desk in my office at home here in Nelson, in New Zealand, by Paul Tillman. Now if you don’t know Paul, he works with me here at the Forex Trading Coach and Paul is based in North Carolina over in the U.S.

And Paul started trading Forex 14 years ago. He went through everything that most people have been through. He’s been through the online stuff. He’s been through the physical courses. He’s wasted money, frustration. Courses weren’t delivered properly, promises broken, all that type of thing. And then in 2015 he gave it one last shot. I was actually in India of all places at the time. And I wrote back to Paul from my hotel room in India to say, “Hey look, I’m on holiday in India, but this is what I can help you with right now. And when I get back next week I’ll send you some more information.” And so as a result of that, back in 2015 Paul decided to join our course. And over the next few months he really got into the course. He understood it. It clicked with him. It worked. And he was attending live European session webinars, getting up early hours in the morning for him over in the U.S. But then over time he was developing into a really, really good trader, lots of good results, consistency, reliability, all those types of things.

Paul now works with me at TFTC

And then a couple of years later I decided to offer Paul a position and now he runs my forum site and my U.S. webinars and we trade together. So we have a fantastic relationship. Now when you get this video on podcast on Monday, Paul will be with me right here. He’s on his way to New Zealand and with his wife and two children for them to spend about 10 days here with me and I can show him around the sights.

Webinars to help you with your biggest trading problem

But as part of his trip here, we’re going to be holding a couple of webinars where we are going to be helping you to identify your biggest single trading problem. What’s holding you back the most from being a good trader, whether you’re brand new or whether you’ve been doing it or trying to do it for years and years. So we want to help you with good, real practical advice.

And I think it’s going to be really beneficial for you to not only listen to myself with suggestions, but also especially actually from Paul because he’s been in the position that you’re probably in right now. And I’ve helped him turn his trading around and how things have just changed massively in his life as a result of what he decided to do five years ago, which was to join us. So we’re not going to be doing any selling on this session. There’s no special discounted links. There’s no giveaway prizes. None of that. It’s just going to be real honest, true above board realistic suggestions and advice from two traders living on opposite sides of the world to each other, both doing the same thing and both doing it well.

So if that’s what you’d like to find out more about. I really encourage you to try and get on one of those sessions live. On the form that you’ll see where you enter your name and email address, etc., select the date that suits you, but also tell us what your biggest trading problem is so we can address that live in person for you on that session.

2 trades taken live on client’s webinar – both hit their profit target

Now, talking of webinars, last night I held a webinar with my clients like we do every week. I took two trades live in front of my clients, both on the one hour charts. One was a sell trade on the Pound / Franc. One was a sell trade on the Australian / Franc. One made a a 1.5 to one trade. One was, the other one was a 1.4 to one. And also the daily trade that I put on for clients to follow yesterday on the daily charts on Thursday was based off a buy trade on the Euro / British Pound that also hit full profit for three to one on the position that got filled. So just three trades there in one day for clients to follow, made them a magnificent amount of money.

So if you’d like to know more, I really encourage you to jump onto one of those free webinars where we’ll be talking about helping you with your trading issues and problems. They’re going to be fantastic.

First time ever that Paul’s been here to New Zealand so really looking forward to the event and we’d love to see you there. Bye for now.


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