Trading Forex is all about Achieving Results

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Trading is all about results and making profits, otherwise why bother to trade. So let’s talk about that and lots more, right now.

Hi Forex traders, it’s Andrew Mitchem here, the Forex Trading Coach, today is Friday, the 8th of May and I want to talk about results!

You see, it’s just so important of course that as traders, why are we trading? You know, what’s the point in watching charts, reading news announcements; whatever it is – whether you’re a fundamental, technical, a bit of both – whatever it is, unless you achieve profitable results and your account’s growing the majority of the time in the right direction, what’s the point in trading.

It’s been a Good Two Weeks of May

So, I want to share with you some results that I’ve had on some live accounts. I’ve got two accounts running – last week’s results I’ve had 4.3% gain on one account and a 3% gain on a second account. And this current week, I’m not trading anymore today because the UK elections results could or should be out sometime today and also it’s the non-farm payroll. So I’ve closed for the week.

So this week on my first account – a 6.7% gain and 3% gain on the second account. So all up, my first account which I trade 12-hour charts, 8-hour, 6-hour and 4-hour, I’m up 11% for two weeks – the last two weeks. On my other account which I trade weekly and daily charts, and occasionally the hour charts – I’m up 6% in the last two weeks.

So, it’s been a really good couple of weeks of course – not only for the results but clients are sending through results and saying the same type of things – of course we’re seeing some good trends within the market and that definitely helps us when we’re taking position because if you can ride the trends and get good pull-backs and then look for the trend to move again, of course that definitely aids us with a high probability chance of our trades hitting profits.

But, 11% on one account and 6% on another account, in just two weeks just shows what can be achieved and as I’ve mentioned at the beginning, it’s all about results and all about making a profit.

Struggling for Profits?

If you don’t do that then, really, why bother to trade?

But the problem is that, you know, if you believe the statistics – 90 to 95% of all retail Forex traders, which is lots of you and me’s out there, don’t make money! And that’s a big issue – you know, people are just not profitable.

So, what is it that’s making people not profitable?

Why are people not making money?

Well, if you’re one of those people, if you’ve been struggling to trade and to be profitable, what I highly suggest you do is jump on one of the free webinars I hold twice a week.

You can access it on my website, it’s called the Frustrated Traders Webinar and How to be Profitable within the Next 60-Days. So if that sounds like something you’d like to jump onto and learn more about, take advantage of it. It’s free! If you can’t attend it live, just register anyway and I’ll get a link to the recording sent to you.

What I do on those webinars, it’s the same webinar, it’s the same type of webinar; there’s no difference between each week; it’s the same type of information. It’s not specific to trading right now – that’s only what my clients get – what it is, is giving away tips and information, you know some of the things that I do differently than a lot of other traders and probably educators also, which is why I believe I’m profitable and why so many of my clients are profitable.

Take your Trading to the Next Level

So if you’d like to gain some really good insights, some tips, information on how you can trade profitably and turn your trading completely around from being, maybe, not profitable or breaking even right now to, sort of, making really good steady profits over time.

It’s not a get rich quick scheme – it’s definitely not that – it takes time, it takes dedication – as I’ve mentioned so many times before but with very low risk trading and personally I’ve risked only half of 1% of my account. You can see with the results that I’ve mentioned how amazing results can be achieved with very low risk.

So if that’s sounds like something you’d like to know more about, jump onto one of those webinars, listen to what I have to say and it will help turn your trading around.

So that’s it for this week!

Like I mentioned it’s the UK election results should be out today and also the US non-farm payrolls, so I’m just taking the day off from my trading. Had a great couple of weeks, more than happy with those results – start again on Monday.

So that’s it for now, hope you have a fantastic weekend and if you do have any trading questions you’d like me to answer, all you need to do is either put them on the comments below this video or email me – [email protected] and I’ll make sure I answer those questions for you on future webinars.

That’s it for now, take care!