Ok this is our trading history from the 10th of Jan to December 16th using Andrews suggested daily trades for 2011 that’s given out on he’s website daily.

These are our results NO bullshit and truly set and forget. TOTAL PIPS PER MONTH
January + 1130, February + 355, March +1115, April +17 May -142, June +234, July +116 August -400 September +2115, October +465, November + 1302, December -63. That’s a total of 6244 pips not bad in one of, if not the toughest years in Forex.

Now my wife and i in February and march actually closed out a number of trades early that went on to hit full profit because we were new to Andrews system so you can add roughly +400 odd pips to that total. We now just simply set and forget and when we feel like it trade also on he’s 1hr charts and made a little over +3000 pips.

Forex is not an exact science and there is no holy grail but what Andrew’s coarse and software gives you works. Also Andrew is a very pleasant and approachable person that always make himself available to answer any questions you have.

We are two 37 year olds with 3 children who work out of the comfort of our home thanks in a great part to Andrew so i would recommend it no questions asked.