I decided to venture into the world of retail forex around May of 2011. Since I had no prior experience in forex trading, I was looking for a course which would offer me an education rather than just be $49 or $99 system. Have narrowed it down to two, I went with this particular one based on the great reviews it had. It has turned out to be an excellent decision.

The best thing about this system is its simplicity as an earlier poster has already pointed out. And while, this information may be available for free, the way this course has been put together, it allows a complete novice to start trading successfully and not get over burdened by all the information that is out there.

However, the real reason why I believe this course has such a high rating and why I have been successful using it, is how readily accessible Andrew Mitchem is to all his clients. Naturally as a complete beginner to forex trading, having gone through the course notes and while testing the system out on demo, I had a hundred questions I wanted answers for.

I have always gotten a response to my emails the same day, and when ever I have wanted to talk to him on skype, he has made himself available. Add to that, the live trading webinars that happen every two weeks and the daily trade suggestions that Andrew posts, the steep learning curve has not be steep at all!

Also, Andrew is a very genuine individual. When I signed up for the course, I had the option of going for the online course (which is the cheapest one on offer) or the more expensive one-on-one courses.

Andrew himself suggested I go for the online course as it was sufficient to understand and learn the system. That to me indicated that he was not there just to make as much money as he possibly could by selling his system.

Now, having been his client for 9 months, I know that he genuinely wants his clients to learn and be successful. Also, personally what appealed to me about this course was that fact that it was not cheap, therefore I would be forced into investing my time and effort to learn the system rather than discount it in a very short period of time.

After signing on for the course, it took me (a complete beginner) about 6 months to learn the system and get comfortable trading with it on a demo account. I went live in January 2012. And in the first two months of live trading, I have had a growth of 3% on my account in the two week I traded in January and 10% in February.

This has been achieved with a maximum risk of 0.5% per trade. While it is still early days in my forex trading career, I believe that I have set the foundation for a long and prosperous endeavor by purchasing this system/education.