I have been involved in forex trading for over 12 months. I’ve done a few ‘internationally recognised’ high cost courses which promised the world but their post-course customrer service and on-going training support was severely lacking. Had it not been for a chance e-mail from someone I had met from one of the other courses that put me onto The Forex Trading Coach – Andrew Mitchem – I would have given up.

I read through Andrew’s website and it sparked my interest again. I sent him an e-mail and expected the usual ‘salesman’ calling me back. Now if   this is what you’re expecting you’re going to be very disappointed. Andrew is anything but a forex system salesman – he doesn’t need to be! What he has to offer is the real deal. He called me within a few hours of sending the e-mail and spent considerable time on the phone with me going over my experience so far, my trading personality, my goals, my challenges etc. He actually cared about what I wanted to get out of forex and not ‘how much he could sell me’ – what a breath of fresh air.

I took his course and it was the best money that I’ve invested in my forex training. For the money I paid to Andrew, other companies give you half of the initial training. But Andrew doesn’t stop there – he backs up his training and ensures that you get all the support you need to get you trading profitably without paying out hand-over-fist for each new bit of the puzzle. 

His manual is easy to follow and based on sound information that can bring you up to speed if your a beginner or put it all into context if you’ve ahd a bit more exposure like myself. His training videos are solid and well worth going through as there’s no hype – just plain speak and concrete examples. You will not come away from his training and not understand. The indicators and computer support are fantastic. But the real benefit of The forex Trading Coach over all the other systems and courses I’ve done – the ongoing personal support – seriously, you will not find this anywhere else and it costs no more. Regular webinars reinforce the system and are a great forum for Andrew to answer questions. what I particulalry like is hearing other people’s questions and the answers to them as often it’s things I haven’t considered yet so this speeds up the learning process. Andrew even replies to e-mailed questions within a short time period – try and get that kind of follow-up support anywhere else.

So, would I recommend The Forex Trading Coach – in a heartbeat. I’ve tried others and not succeeded, I’ve lost money and invested it in the wrong training groups, I even got to the point where giving up seemed like the best option – Andrew was my last ditch effort before calling this a mugs game. Now I’m a believer – there is money out there to be made and with this system and support you can join a whole lot of us that have been trained under Andrew and are now enjoying both the money and the market.

I am happy for Andrew to give out my contact details to anyone seriously interested in doing this training – I know that there are a lot of big talkers and promises out there so it can be hard deciding where to put your training dollars, you won’t regret putting them here.