I am with Andrew for 6 months now and I am very satisfied, what I have got out from the course. First of all, the methodology is based on plausible price action together with easily implemented visual signals for entering trades. Stoploss and Takeprofit levels were also derived with plausible reasons, which Andrew clearly teaches during his coaching.

You can trade the daily timeframes ‘part-time’ with a very limited amount of time or you can trade the H1, M15 or even M5 timeframes ‘full-time’ and boost you D1 results. Of course, you will need some time and some experience to get the same results like Andrew does, but I can confirm, that his results are definitively achievable with real money and Andrew is very willing to share, what he knows and he doesn´t hide anything from his knowledge.

But beyond the system itself, there are more remarkable topics, that need to be mentioned: Andrews after-sales-service is great. He is holding fortnightly webinars for all his clients and is answering your additional questions by email in a purposeful way to seriously help you to get on your own way to be an independent and successful trader. You get a very clear structure behind your trading and you are able to trade profitable with a limited amount of time.

And, most important, Andrew is that kind of person, which one wants to have as a friend: he is reliable, friendly and very helpful. He sticks to what he is promising and he really wants his clients to get a good value for their purchase.

Definitely my strong recommendation.