I have been learning to trade the forex market now for 8mths. I started off the same as most of you, reading a plethora of books, web sites and purchasing a few DVDs. However they never satisfied my confidence to tackle this market. My biggest mistake was not undertaking this course earlier.Since learning the course i finally feel confident, optimistic and excited about my forex future.

The course is excellent value, teaches a solid system and is the complete package required to tackle the market consistently. It caters for all trading personalities but emphasizes key rules to help control your emotions.
Personally what I love most about the course is the ongoing support. Andrew always answers and replies to questions promptly. The fortnightly webinars are an excellent learning tool which i thoroughly enjoy. Helps reinforce the system and answers any questions that you or any other student has.
Also Andrew continues to improve the service by providing you extra tools to help improve you your trading at no extra cost. 
Andrew is the real deal, if your serious about making it in this world, Andrew will help and guide you in the correct direction.