I purchased Andrew’s course in October and I do believe that this was my best investment in forex education I’ve ever made. I would strongly recommend this course to anybody, who got lost in millions of books and free strategies and really wants to become finally a winning trader.
First, the course is very simple and throughout at the same time. Just after spending several hours on reading and watching videos you start to get the main idea. Then, of course, it takes days and weeks of practice to be able to use all these strategies yourself. But what’s more important is that doing that you understand that you’ve chosen a right direction.

And this is a really big advantage of the course for me. Andrew doesn’t just give you several working strategies. (The main reason why traders loose money is not their bad strategies, right?) He shares with you his vision on how currencies move and why. And this knowledge really gives you so much confidence in yourself and your trading decisions so you start to trade better and better.

I should also emphasize that Andrew’s support is tremendous. He always ready to answer questions by e-mail, and when several time I had technical difficulties (like I couldn’t open his trading course at my iPad) he helped me out immediately.
It was a hard decision for me to buy this course back in October but I really glad that I did that. For me Andrew’s course is definitely the best deal in forex coaching.