I have spent countless thousands of dollars on so called gurus who offered the world and delivered nothing. I then was introduced to Andrew Mitchem and signed up for his video course at a very reasonable price. That was a month ago. Yes, I had been taking my own trades for the previous 12 months and have done ok. But since signing up to Andrew’s course I have been averaging $800 – $1000 profit every day on a $100,000 account. Last week I sold my own business and now am trading full time with Andrew spending less than an hour a day on the computer. I am moving overseas in 2 weeks, something I have always wished to do. I will continue to trade whilst overseas. So within 4 weeks of meeting Andrew I have sold my business, retired, moving overseas and still making up to $1000 a day. All at 45 years of age. Andrew, you are a magician.