Well, there are so many things it is really hard to know where to start from, since this course is an incredible way to learn how to trade the markets in a consistent way. It has worked for me on currencies, gold and silver. I have learned so much about technical analysis, risk management and trading technics referring to TP´s, SL´s and Price Entries I can´t thank enough. You must take this course with no doubt the tools presented will let you learn and reach success.

Let me start by saying that Andrew Mitchem is a great guy. He´s a trustful person, successful trader and amazing coach. He is always available for any doubts you may find, your questions are answered quickly and he is really concerned about giving his students a concrete support to make them successful traders.

The system is incredible. I´ve been struggling through this forex market since ´09 buying courses and EA´s wasting my money. But nothing is compared to the transparency and the great accuracy this method brings into my trading. In my experience, getting to trade short time frame setups with this system needs perfection, trading psychological discipline and, of course, practice. By the other hand, trading the system on Weekly, 1D and 4H charts have been unbelievably accurate for me. I mix all of this system with my basic fundamental analysis knowledge to decide when to take trades, the direction they might take and it has been awesome.

You also count with amazing easy info to understand the system, being aided by videos, live webinars, faq´s, help desk, Andrew´s quick email answering, etc. I felt really welcomed and heard when Andrew answered my first newbie emailed question during a live webinar. The system is easy to follow. But I can say there are two definite aspects which made this course very important for my trading skills. First, the daily trade suggestions: It is just an exceptional way to practice and test your learning process. Second, the risk management theory: consisting on reaching a higher reward based on what you have risked on every trade; this is incredibly important to get consistent and profitable… in my personal believe.

I have never had such a rewarding success on any account. I have been trading in my demo account for two and a half months with great results, and I want to keep on testing my consistency for two or three more months before opening a live account. The first month I had myself dedicated to the learning process. At the end of the second one, I made more than 4%. And in these 15 days of August I´ve got a 9% increase of my account. It’s really great!

So bottom line, any one getting this course can´t go wrong. I believe trading is a probability risk managing art and this system offers a technical method to increase our probabilities of success. So don´t you expect 100% accuracy on any method, that´s simply impossible, because trading is not about that. But if you get yourself centered and disciplined you may expect support, trading skills and nice profitable trading results with theforextradingcoach system.

I want to thank Andrew for all his support, methods and tools. And I want to encourage him long last trading and to provide us with trading knowledge and such amazing tools and templates to keep our accounts rising.

Remember you guys: “Trading is not a sprint, it is a marathon.”

If any client needs a spanish explanation on the system you may contact me. Si algún cliente necesita alguna explicación en español sobre el sistema puede contactarme. @LLS29FX

{taken from Leonardo’s review on Forex Peace Army}