Hi Andrew, Just to let you know i was very impressed with your webinar. I’m used to painstakingly slow webinars where you have questions of “how do you draw a trendline? “ or “where is the templates folder”. I can see your very well organised here. You steer people to videos and content on your website if they want knowledge and just get on with the webinar.

You a clearly well organised here and i was very impressed to see trades already placed on your account. You would appear to be the genuine article. I was particularly impressed with your breakdown of currency strengths using the daily charts as it’s so simple and so quick to do.

Everything you use, Indication wise, appears to have a good reason for being there supporting a higher probability of a good trade, instead of meaningless indicators of hope usually put there because after they cross the market tends to go up kind of explanations you get with other training.  

All said and done, so far, i’m very impressed