How to Achieve Time Freedom



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In this video:
00:31 – Feedback from our live weekly webinar
01:23 – How to achieve time freedom
02:00 – I look at the charts twice a day
03:04 – The beauty of trading Forex
03:27 – Commit to learn at the beginning
04:14 – 2 trades taken live on our webinar
04:36 – How to take the next step

Time freedom. It’s something everybody is searching for. Let me share with you now how Forex Trading can help you achieve the time freedom that you’re looking for.

Hey traders, it’s Andrew Mitchem here at the Forex Trading coach with video and podcast number 416. And I want to talk about time freedom on today’s video and podcast.

Feedback from our live weekly webinar

But first, I just want to share with you an email that I’ve received from a new client who attended my live webinar just last night. And by the way, I took two trades on the one-hour chart and the two-hour chart. Both were profitable on the webinar, made our clients a lot of money.

Received this from John. “Hi, Andrew. I’ve been in many live sessions over the last few years. In fact, hundreds from … Won’t read the company name out, but a well-known Forex course.

And today, with you was by far the best. It was simply sensational. It looks like after so many years of frustrations, dead ends false starts and false dawns. I’ve found the right organisation and mentor,

and it comes as a relief having thrown in the towel a while ago exhausted and depressed” that’s from John. So just wanted to read that out for you. It’s just recently been received.

How to achieve time freedom

So back to time freedom. We all have the same time. It doesn’t matter where you live in the world, how old you are, how much money you’ve got, whether you’re male, female, what your job is, it does not matter. Everybody has the same amount of time and it’s how we use it that is the most important thing. And I want to share with you why I believe that once you can understand trading and once you’ve trade properly, how it’s more than just like the monetary side of things that is important. It’s the time side of it, it’s the freedom that it provides.

I look at the charts twice a day

For me personally, I commit to looking at the charts twice a day. If I do that, I can trade full time, look through ample charts and make some great returns. And so what that allows me to do is to choose what I do the rest of the day, whether that be something that wants to be freed up time for you know, you might want sort of more time for either other work. You might want it for sports, recreational, family, whatever it is you do. I live on 11 acres here, it takes quite a bit of looking after you know, we do all this ourselves, myself and my wife.

So I need time to go and do those type of things. I fly a helicopter, you know that takes time and commitment for learning and training and actually doing the fly. So I like to do that. I like to play sports, we’ve got five children, you know it takes time to do all the running around for kids. Being the taxi service, the mum and dad, taxi service for children and all and commitments and schoolwork and all those types of things. So all takes time out of your day.

The beauty of trading Forex

And the beauty of trading is that because I know when to look at the charts and for me, it’s 5:00 AM and 5:00 PM, New York time. And that’s the only time I look at my charts.

I know what free time I have during the rest of the day and night to decide on what to do. And so that to me is one of the benefits.

Commit to learn at the beginning

Now, of course, when you start trading, you’ve got to commit to extra things like John with the webinar there, he’s on the webinar for two hours yesterday as were a lot of our clients. And yes, you need to commit because that’s like educational. That’s building up your knowledge in real time to get that stage where you can trade either sort of part-time if you want to or full time, some people get to that full-time stage and that’s when you really make that true financial and time freedom break.

And you know, obviously not a lot of people get there, but it takes time and dedication. You’ve got to start somewhere. So exactly like John, jump onto something that works, jump onto something that’s proven. And with people who are actually trading live.

2 trades taken live on our webinar

Like I said, I took two trades on my live account in front of our clients. They were taken on the webinar and by the time we’d finished the webinar, they both hit profit. You know, people could take those trades follow along with that in real time and profit from those positions that we took, there is no better way to learn than to follow someone in real time with their trading.

How to take the next step

If you’d like to know more, just reply to us or send us an email, Andrew at or find my details on our website. We look forward to helping you to gain more time freedom in your life. Bye for now.

Episode Title: #416: How to Achieve Time Freedom

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