I have now been coached by Andrew for over a year. Frankly if not for him I would have given up!!
Prior to coming into contact with Andrew I had been trading for a year trying to “learn” through various means with poor results. Unfortunately, due to having a full time job that demands a lot of my time, I have limited time available for forex trading. So I had a roller coaster experience trying to successfully trade in forex. But when I met Andrew everything changed, and now I continue to trade.
What is most important with Andrew is that he is defintly NOT after your dollar! The entire programmes and service he offers clearly demonstrates his honesty and integrity. I believe these are the most important ingredients in a coach. From the inception, his main interest is for you to succeed. To achieve this, he has with him a host of valuable tools that cater to every indivudal need and style of trading.
Do you want to enter the exciting world of forex trading? YOU CANNOT FIND SAFER HANDS TO PLACE YOURSELF IN.