I got into Andrew’s online course a few months ago, and have really enjoyed the learning experience and the continued support provided by Andrew. The course has been a fantastic introduction to forex trading for me, and while it has taken me a few months to start trading profitably, I am now trading in a consistently profitable manner.

The main reason for my initial drawdown was simply not knowing the course “inside out” – which I subsequently took the time to really internalise, before throwing more money at the market. Andrew has been there every step of the way, and I am now happy to say that my account is incrementally increasing!

In my opinion, the best part of Andrew’s course is the fortnightly webinars where trades and reviewed, questions are answered and Andrew is available for general help/guidance. On top of this, his daily trade recommendations have been returning consistently high profits (beating the big players by a large percentage!) as well as providing good examples by which to trade the smaller timeframes.

Essentially Andrew’s course is based on technical analysis with a few indicators and proprietary software, and incudes his ongoing support through webinars etc..

It’s a fantastic course! My advice is to learn it well, and start off with small trades (or demo account trades) until you learn and prove to yourself that you are taking consistently good setups.

The course is well worth the investment, and just taking the daily recommendations will see you turn it into a profit in no time. Combine it with Andrew’s guidance, and you will give yourself a good grounding for a profitable trading career.

Thanks Andrew – I appreciate your patience and good nature with all of us on the learning curve!

Good luck out there!