I bought the video course from TheForexTradingCoach.com by Andrew Mitchem and have completed the course actually doing everything two or three times to really soak it up and have just finished the second week of trading a demo account.
The first week I was referring back to things to do it just right and occasionally trading on a whim a bad idea!
I really enjoyed the course mainly because I relaxed about understanding it and how long or short a time it might take and trusted that Andrew would teach me what to do and how to do it. I had to read,watch and listen and it all became clear.
I experienced excitement at doing things that I understood whether they went right or wrong and was supported as much as I wanted to be.
I found that when I had a question, if I wrote it out to be precise about what I wanted, I realised I had the answer in the course work already and although I have attended five ‘Webinars’ I have only asked two questions and felt it was really ok to do so and happy with the answer.
It is early days for me as a Forex Trader but I feel confident about my new career and very happy with the support I have had to accelerate my launch into it.
The next step for me is being comfortable to start a small live account having practiced with the demo one, which I estimate will be in about three or four weeks time. 
This course was recomended to me by a friend I trust who had done a lot of research into this and other courses and talked to self taught traders and I bought it knowing I needed the support of a trainer and that Andrew’s course would be just right for me and it has been.
I am rating TheForexTradingCoach.com course with five stars because it has given me exactly what I wanted and that is the highest recomendation I can give, especially of something so potentially life changing as this for me.