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I wanted to share with you an amazing success story. Will you be the next one?

A trader called Ivo Luhse from Ireland joined my Forex Coaching Course “The Successful Trader System” back in January 2012.

Ivo studied my course, attended my live trading room webinars, logged into my site daily to view my trading suggestions and he asked a lot of sensible trading questions.

Now, some four and a half years later, Ivo emailed me on Monday of this week with an update.

He is now a Full Time Forex Trader.

However, as you’ll notice in his email, he is trading only the daily time frame charts and as Ivo says “Intra-day trading is just not for me, I’d rather spend time with my family than stare at a computer all day”

To view the email that Ivo sent me and to find out more about his trading successes, just click on the image of Ivo’s email at the top of this page.

OK – This is fantastic but how does this help me? (I hear you ask).

I have a couple of options for you.

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