Hello Andrew,
My name is Dave Polifka. I live in Milwaukee,WI in the states. I have been a student for about a year and a half. I also recently ordered the Place Fibo Order tool a couple weeks back, and it is fantastic. I am a very part time Forex trader and work full time as an IT Communications Engineer.

Unfortunately due to my time zone, it is difficult to get to the Fortnightly webinars live, but I do watch them diligently on Saturday mornings. Watching your decision making process on the trades is extremely informative.

I am very pleased with the Place Fibo Order tool. It has worked exactly as you’ve shown it. For me personally, one of the biggest bonuses is to have a consistent amount at risk per trade. Before the tool, I had to use a spreadsheet to calculate my RR ratio and ultimately, my amount to risk (non-MT4 platform). A tedious process. Now I can just setup a preset risk, and even on multiple positions if needed, all with a with a few clicks. Right now I trade very small risk at 0.25%.  Slow and steady growth is a good thing. So far the past week, the account is up a nice 1.7%.

I just thought I would touch base, and thank you for the great tool and awesome methodology.