Hi we purchased Andrews course and indicators in January. Originally we purchased it to simplify our trading and simply trade off he’s daily recommendations. By the end of April we had closed out over 3000 pips in total. May June July we literally break even months. But that’s when we started taking alot more notice of the 1hr time frame and we started to trade the 1hr ever since. With great results we have been averaging 350-500 + pips per week and this week we have already hit 580 pips. Without bullshiting this is achieved most weeks by Wednesday computer closed of to enjoy the week. We trade for a living using a 50k account 1 lot per 10k which by the way Andrew would freak over but we are very comfortable with that and have been trading like that for atleast two years. Andrew is a really good guy always readily available and i would happily recommend and have done so already he’s course to anyone thinking of trying Forex. We blow 68k before we found Andrew and have been consistantly making good pips week in week out since January even with the loses.