The problem I have had with trading forex since commenced 18 months ago was too many systems and not sticking to the trading plan. I bought Andrew’s cource towards end 2012 and still was not following the rules and identifying good trading opportunities. Last week concentrated on 4H using an entry method for reduced risk but higher return which his course teaches and great week week. 9 winners and 5 losses and account greaw more than 6% with risk of 0.5-1% risk. Three losses I realise now were not good entries so will be looking for improvement there. Three trades 3:1 RR and also traded the daily recommendations and with good success. With dailies these are set and forget as per TFC measurements but you need to manage your trades. TFC system is systematic and repeatable and if you stick with the system which is easy to understand and make your trading plan solid this system will return a positive income.