12 Years of Helping Traders, Will You be Next?



#410: 12 Years of Helping Traders, Will You be Next?

In this video:
00:38 – Trading is not easy
01:10 – We celebrate 12 years of helping traders worldwide
02:06 – Trader makes 6% gain in 2 weeks since joining us
03:18 – The strategy has not changed since the beginning
04:45 – How does this help you?
05:45 – After the first 12 months
07:10 – Trade in 30 minutes per day

We’ve been helping traders just like yourself for the last 12 years now. Let’s see how we can help you to become a profitable and successful and independent Forex trader. Listen up, we’ve got some great news to share with you.

Hey, traders, it’s Andrew Mitchem here, the owner of the Forex Trading Coach, with video and podcast number 410.

Back outside again today. I’m getting lots of nice comments from people saying they’re enjoying the outside video. So here we are again by the pool today.

Trading is not easy

Now, trading is not easy. It’s something that’s made out to be easy, but the reality is it’s not easy. The reality is though that anybody can do it. And I’m living proof of that, having been a dairy farmer years ago. And I’m self-taught. I have no financial background in the markets at all. Completely self-taught.

But for the last 16, 17 years now, I’ve been trading the Forex market.

We celebrate 12 years of helping traders worldwide

And on Thursday, the 13th of May, we celebrate 12 years since I flew across to Australia to Noosa and taught my first ever client over there. We’re still in touch, still in contact, and he’s still trading. And after 12 years, we’re really proud to say that we have helped so many people around the world. We’ve got over 3,000 coaching clients who have been through the course in over 94 countries. That’s quite an amazing record that we’ve built up there of helping people.

As mentioned, the Forex market is not easy to trade. It really is not easy to trade. It looks easy. People will tell you it’s easy. The internet will tell you it’s easy. The reality is very different, and that’s why 90 to 95% of the people lose money.

Trader makes 6% gain in 2 weeks since joining us

But I’d like to share with you an email here, and it’s from a client who … We were on our last live webinar last night. I held a two-hour live European session webinar. The client’s called Henry. He’s been with us only two weeks. And he said to me, “Hey, Andrew, I’ve made 6% since joining you two weeks ago.” He said, “For the first time ever, I’m starting to understand what I’m doing, and I’m doing what I’m doing for a reason. And it’s working.”

Now, sure, it’s only two weeks in, but here’s a guy that’s been trading for quite a while. Like many of you, he was just literally tearing his hair out. Didn’t know what to do next. And he found us and he’s been on a few webinars now. He’s been following our trades, he’s on our forum site. And in only two weeks, he’s now made, since beginning, since starting with us, 6%. It’s a fantastic start and it just shows what can be achieved once you know you’re doing, once you have a clear understanding of what you’re doing, and you have some support and a system and a strategy that actually works.

The strategy has not changed since the beginning

When you think about it, the strategy has not changed at all in that time. In all those years, it’s not changed. Sure, the way that we deliver things has changed, it’s improved. Like everything, it evolves, it gets better and better over time. But the strategy, the main thing that you are getting when you join us here, the actual nuts and bolts of this is what we are doing and why, the understanding of that has not changed.

Just stop for a pause for a second and think about that. So many people chop and change systems all the time. They’re constantly adding things. They are adding a next indicator. They’re moving on to another system. They’re suddenly fundamental news traders. Then they’re not. Then they’re doing a bit of both. Then they’re not. And that’s the problem.

Yet what we have to teach you and to help you with has never changed. And it still works. And it’s been through all sorts of different market conditions. It’s been through different economical, political events all around the world, global issues, COVIDs, everything. All these things that get thrown at us by the market, and it continues to work.

It’s the person who put that together I’m immensely proud of. I’m just so pleased with the team that we have on board and the group of people that we have as a community that are just doing really well for themselves. It’s fantastic to see.

How does this help you?

So, how does that help you? Well, this Thursday … It’s Thursday my time, between 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM. It may start on your Wednesday if you’re in Europe or the US or Canada. But for 12 hours this week, we are holding our 12th birthday sale. It’s a dime sale, so it starts the price at the absolute lowest price. We’re going to give you 70, 70% off the normal joining fee.

So we’re putting a guarantee on that. We’re putting a 20% return guarantee to say that if our daily trades don’t make a 20% return guarantee over the next 12 months, we’ll give you a full refund. We’re giving you 12 months access to our daily trades, our live weekly webinars, our forum site. Unlimited access to the course itself, the strategy. Unlimited email access, unlimited access to the MT4, MT5 trading software. Our support site’s unlimited as well.

After the first 12 months

So after 12 months, and some people ask me this and say, “Hey, after 12 months, what’s the deal?” Well, for under $600, for just $597 US, after the first 12 months, you can get access to the daily trades, which you think about it’s over 200 days of daily trades per year, over 100 hours of live webinars per year, and our forum site for the year, ongoing. So there’s 597 ongoing. But you haven’t got to worry about that for over a year.

But what I do encourage you to do is to have a serious think about this if this is what you want to do. And I challenge you to go out there and find me anybody else, any other company, any other Forex-related business that’s been going for 12 years, that’s still going and still has a great reputation of helping people and achieving results for people. Just like Henry, 6% in the last two weeks, the first two weeks since he’s even joined. How good is that?

And it’s not just 6%. It’s 6% with very, very low drawdown. That’s the other thing you’ve got to be mindful of. It’s all well and good people saying, “Hey, I made 50% in a year,” but if you had a drawdown of 60%, 70% and you’re risking 3% or 4%, 5% per trade, 50% is not really that good, because your drawdown and your risk is so massive.

We’re doing this with tiny, low risk per trade, high reward to risk trades, without spending very long at the charts all day.

Trade in 30 minutes per day

I comfortably say to people that once you know what you’re doing, you can do this in 30 minutes a day and do very well from it.

So if that sounds like you, I strongly encourage you to click on the link that’ll be by this video somewhere to register your interest for the sale this week. We’re only 12 once. We’re doing it only for 12 hours. Get in near the beginning, because that’s when the price is going to be the cheapest. Take advantage of it and what we’re here to help. We love doing what we’re doing. We love our trading. We love our teaching, our coaching, our community, everything about it. If you’d like to be part of it, get on board this week. Don’t miss out. It’s a great opportunity. See you later. Bye.

Episode Title: #410: 12 Years of Helping Traders, Will You be Next?

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