In this video:
00:19   Just returned after a three week holiday and a tour of India
01:24   What sets Forex trading apart
02:12   This week on the charts
03:22   Strong and powerful bounce levels
04:29   More advanced training room webinars soon

Well the Forex market is an amazing market.  It allows you to earn money that is not related to how many hours you work or what type of work you do.

So let’s talk more about that now.

Hi, it’s Andrew Mitchem here, the Forex Trading Coach.

Today is Friday the 31st of May.

I’ve just returned after a three week holiday and a tour of India, and what an amazing place that is. If you’ve not been to India, it’s a place I highly recommend you go and see, just to see it, just to experience it, as it’s so different from anywhere else that I’ve certainly been.

It really is a country of extremes. It’s a country of extreme poverty, and it also has extreme wealth. It really is rather one end of the scale or the other, and really not a lot in between.  But just an amazing country to g