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00:22              Had a fantastic seminar last Tuesday up in Auckland
00:33              Webinar live on Friday, the 14th of December – you're welcome to register!
00:56              A client made +23% on live account since taking my course
01:21              Took three trades live on webinar
01:27              GBP/CHF trade hit profit in only in 23 minutes on H1 chart
01:52              Non-farm payrolls for December

Hi everybody, Andrew Mitchem here, the Forex Trading Coach.

Today is Sunday, the 2nd of December.

I’m in beautiful Queenstown in the South Island. So this week, I’m going to trade from my laptop not the four screens you usually see behind me. Just trading from the laptop this week, and I'll be looking at just the daily charts and then the four hourly charts, and then enjoying this stunning place in between time!

You're welcome to register!

Just to let you know I’ve had a fantastic seminar last Tuesday up in Auckland. We had a full room and I’ll be putting that same seminar as a presentation, as a webinar, which will be held on Friday, the 14th of December 2012.

So you’re more than welcome to register to attend that webinar live.

I’m going to talk about my journey through Forex. How I started as a dairy farmer and where I’ve ended up today as a full time Forex Trader and Funds Manager.

So register for that and I’ll send you a link so you can attend. Register here NOW

Excellent money from taking my course

Just to let you know, when I was at the seminar last week, a client of mine came up to me and said, “Hey Andrew, I’ve already been with you trading live for just over one month since taking your course, and I’ve already made +23% on my live account.”

So it’s really good when I hear things like that – It gives me great confidence that people out there are making excellent money from taking my course

British Pound & Swiss Franc hit profit

We also have a webinar on Thursday night for my clients and on that I took three trades live: Two of the made profit, One made a loss. 

One of those – the British Pound/Swiss Franc (GBP/CHF) hit profit in only 23 minutes for a +1.71 risk/reward. The other trade on the US/Franc, made +1.5 risk/rewards.

So there’s three really good trades that like I said – all taken live!

The week ahead we have interest rates out of New Zealand, Australia, Britain and also Canada. And of course now into December we have the Non-Farm Payrolls on Friday or Saturday morning for us at New Zealand and Friday: US time.

That’s all for now!

I’m off to enjoy the wonderful scenery here.

Look forward to talking to you this time next week.