In this video:
00:47    +0.25% risk per trade on a complete 100% set and forget approach
02:03    A high probability chance of a successful trade
03:20    Trading on a longer term basis
04:52    Offering a birthday promotion discount

Have a Trading Plan, look at a Confluence of Events and some Recent Results

In this video I want to talk about having a trading plan, look at a confluence of events and some recent results.

So let’s get into it.

Hi, it’s Andrew Mitchem here, the Forex Trading Coach.

Today is Friday the 17th of April. I had a live two hour webinar with my clients at this time last night. We had clients from 32 countries from around the world, a really good interactive webinar. Heaps of information shared, lots of live trades, some that I took myself and others that clients had open already prior to the webinar.

+4.45% from trading the Daily charts in the last 2 weeks

I also shared with my clients how over the past two weeks just by following my daily trade suggestions only, at only 0.25% risk per trade on a complete 100% set and forget approach, so that’s including staying open over non-farm payrolls, staying open over weekends etc., just a complete 100% set and forget approach, they have made +4.45% over the last two weeks since the previous webinar.