Trading Forex from Anywhere

In this video:
00:25 – We’re not geographically restricted
01:15 – All about Nelson
02:05 – What’s the freedom worth to you?
02:47 – Plan now as we head towards the end of the year

The great thing about trading Forex is you can trade from anywhere. Let’s talk about that and more right now.

Hey traders, Andrew Mitchem here at the Forex Trading Coach with video and podcast number 346.

We’re not geographically restricted

Now trading is quite unique… Not many businesses, not many industries out there that you are not geographically restricted with. It’s one of the awesome benefits of trading Forex. We are moving, so tomorrow is our last day in this area… It’s what’s called the Waikato. It’s a an area South of Auckland in the North Island of New Zealand. Been around this area, originally came here for dairy farming reasons and we’ve lived in this area for around 22, 23 years and it’s now time for a change. So by the time you get to watch this video and podcasts will be many, many hundreds of kilometres away. We are moving to Nelson, which is in the very top of the South Island. A big move. Lots to get done, but really looking forward to the challenge and and a change.

All about Nelson

So reasons we’re going there? Well, Nelson’s just a fantastic place in itself. It’s the sunshine capital of New Zealand. It’s right on the coast near awesome beaches, incredible scenery, absolutely amazing scenery. You’ve got mountains, you’ve got beaches. Craft beer capital of New Zealand, lots and lots of hops grown around there, which would suit me massively. The wine capital of New Zealand where you hear about the famous New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is all around that area, the Marlborough area of New Zealand. So lots of great reasons to go there. Awesome weather for flying the helicopter and really looking forward to that. And my wife and our daughters are into horses, so great horse tracks, great horse weather as well. So lots and lots of good positive reasons why we are going there.

What’s the freedom worth to you?

But the reason I wanted to make this is to just say to you, look, what’s that worth to you? What does that geographic, or that lack of that geographic, restriction worth to you? You see all you need to trade really is like a reasonably good internet connection and a laptop. I mean you can trade even using like your phone… Not on your phone, but you know, you get your hotspot working on your phone and that’s all you need to power your laptop. So you know, it just has so many benefits. The ability to be remote, the ability to be wireless, the ability to be non-geographic specific.

So again, what’s that worth you? What does that have as value?

Plan now as we head towards the end of the year

My suggestion is now as we’re heading towards like the end of the year is have a good serious think about that, you know, and what is that education, that knowledge worth to you to be able to go from maybe where you are now to becoming a Forex trader? But don’t expect to do it straight away. You know, this takes a long time to get to establish and get to work properly.

So really it’s about that… What can you do now in the short-term? What can you do over, even like the Christmas/New Year time where you may have got a bit of time off work, you may have got a bit more sort of free time to be able to learn something new, to be able to study something. So that little bit of short-term work and effort right now for that bigger picture, longer term goal of that freedom or that financial freedom, that time freedom or that geographic freedom.

So have a think about that and look forward to catching up with you this time next week where I’ll be making my video from Nelson. So after 22 years in the Waikato, the Hamilton area of, of New Zealander, it’s bye for now and I’ll see you this time next week in the South Island.


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