A serious health setback forced me to look at a new way of earning an income. For 5 months  I spent 10 hrs a day looking at and learning trading systems. The market is flooded with scams and automated systems that do not work. There are dozens of lagging trend, volume and oscillating  indicators, that show you what you should have done. You are always too late.  You can never believe how stupid you are. You hear yourself saying “I should have known”. The thing is you don’t know. Hind sight is exact sight!

To find an honest trading coach with a proven system that has a high percentage success is a blessing. His software system uses Japanese candlestick pattern recognition, Fib ratios, and support and resistance levels which enable you to select high probability trades.

The course includes trading software and a course manual covering  everything taught on the course. He teaches you when to enter and exit. I understand Forex trading now better than ever and trade with confidence. I have reduced my time in front of the computer incredibly and increased my success rate unbelievably.

Andrew is a friendly polite person, whom offers great follow up support, either by phone email or skype. I find the regular training videos I receive by email excellent. The course costs are inexpensive considering what you can loose and what is charged in the market.

I am a happy camper, and look forward to 2010.

Thank you Andrew.