I have just completed Andrews course over 2 sessions via a webinar, which worked well. The first thing to say about Andrew is that he is a genuine nice guy, in an industry replete with scallywags and crooks.
And just as importantly, he is a good teacher. He went through some basic concepts, and advanced through his system in such a way as to make it very easy to follow.

The system itself is based on very sound and logical price action principles, with an indicator to help you spot the patterns, and 2 indicators to help stack things in your favour. Support and resistance and daily pivot points are also used, as are round numbers, again, all logical stuff.

As other reviewers have mentioned, Andrew teaches a money management approach that allows you to risk very small amounts, yet still make excellent gains on your account – so any losing trades do not put you off executing your next deal. This immediately appealed to me, for unlike others in this industry, he was being realistic and honest about how to trade professionally.

What Andrew has taught me has actually reinforced my own ideas about the way the markets should be traded – which mainly is that price action is king.

I think this course and system is suitable for both beginners and more advanced traders.

The support has being second to none, and another great thing is that every 2 weeks Andrew hosts webinars for all, for free, which just goes to show that he wants you to succeed and learn.

I have made some trades live using the skills Andrew has taught me, and have met with great success.

I would highly recommend Andrew if you want to get your trading on track, what he teaches actually works!