My Aims & Goals as a Forex Trader



#409 My Aims & Goals as a Forex Trader

In this video:
00:26 – Matt asked about my trading journey and goals
01:29 – Went to Auckland to take a Forex Course
02:05 – Anyone can become a trader if you really want to
03:03 – I developed a strategy and system that works for me
03:38 – Daily trades have been profitable every year
04:33 – Our team at TFTC
05:22 – Going forward from today
07:00 – TFTC Pattern Trader continues to achieve great results
08:55 – Ask me questions and register for our 12th Birthday Sale

Let me show you my aims and goals as a Forex trader over the next five to 10 years. And hopefully it might help you with your own goals. Let’s get into it right now.

Hey, Forex traders, it is Andrew Mitchem here at the Forex Trading Coach with the video and podcast number 409.

Matt asked about my trading journey and goals

Now on last week’s video, I got asked by a trader called Matt on YouTube, to explain about my trading journey to date, and also to explain a little bit about my own personal trading goals over the next five to 10 years. So, I started trading completely by accident around nearly 17 years ago. At the time I was a dairy farmer and I was milking cows, working seven days a week and ended up going through a divorce. And at the time had a two year old son. And to be honest, I didn’t really know what I was going to do in order to look after him, have an income.

And so I stumbled into trading completely by accident after hearing an ad on the radio all those years ago. And it kind of evolved from there to be honest. It wasn’t a deliberate move. It really was an accidental move, but as someone who’d always been, I suppose, self-employed, motivated, to me, it seemed like a really, really good thing to do.

Went to Auckland to take a Forex Course

So I went along up to Auckland, paid about $5,000 back then, which was a lot of money and did a course up there in Auckland. And the course, it was okay. But it got me into trading, and so here we are 17 years later and we’ve developed the Forex Trading Coach. We developed Pattern Trader. We’ve now got a new Echo Trade Copier, and things have changed massively and for the better. And I’ve got Forex trading, a lot of hard work, a lot of dedication, a lot of fails and some gains, to thank for that.

Anyone can become a trader if you really want to

And so Matt, thank you for your question because I think the important part out of this is that anybody can become a trader if you really want to. Now, realistically, it took me four years of trial and error, basically getting nowhere fast, of trying every single service, every PDF it was back then, that you could download every indicator, every expert advisor, every everything, basically, every forum I’d been on, and it just went round and round and round in circles. Anyway, so after four years, I thought, Andrew, you need to fix this. You need to make this work or you need to find a new hobby. And so I took everything off my charts and I made it work. I developed a system, a strategy that worked for me, and also one that didn’t require me sitting at the computer all day and night.

And that was the other thing, there’s so many strategies out there with scalping and things that all look really, really cool. But really they’re not long-term, practical and enjoyable.

I developed a strategy and system that works for me

So, I developed a strategy and system that works for me, and I’ve been now teaching that strategy and trading it myself. I’ve been teaching it for 12 years now at the Forex Trading Coach. We’re just about to celebrate our 12th birthday as well. And I’ll put details about that on this video and podcast for you. But over those years, we’ve helped so many people and my own trading has gone extremely well. The trading for the vast majority of our clients has gone extremely well. And we’re really proud, what we’ve developed over those years.

Daily trades have been profitable every year

As an example, for our daily chart trades that we post, and I’ve posted them on our membership site now for over 10 years, we’re into our 11th year of that, we’ve never had a losing year. They’ve been profitable every single year.

We’ve developed charts such as offline charts, we call them, for six hour charts, eight hour charts, 12 hour charts. It means we can look at the charts two, three, sometimes four times a day and trade full time and do other things, rather than just sitting, watching the charts and the computer all day, because that’s what you realistically need to do. One, if you’re starting and you’ve got other work, you’ve got jobs, you’ve got careers, you’ve got family, you’ve got hobbies. And two, when you decide or get to that stage where you can become a full-time trader, you want it to be enjoyable. You don’t want it to be an absolute grind. And yes, you’re making this fantastic return, but you are absolutely driving yourself into the ground by just being absolutely exhausted. And that’s not good either.

Our team at TFTC

So, my own trading, along with the Forex Trading Coach, we’ve developed a great team of people there now. We’ve got Paul Tillman over in America. And Paul started as a client with me probably seven years ago, very successful trader and then came on board with us here at the Forex Trading Coach. Paul looks after our forum site. He teaches my US webinar sessions. He teaches one-on-one online tuition. Fantastic trader, fantastic guy. And so we’ve built up the team. We’ve got Mikalai over in London who trades over there and helps teach our Russian speaking community. We’ve got Mhel in the Philippines and Mhel’s wife, Kim, who is on board with us as well for our tech help. Fantastic people, fantastic team based around the world.

Going forward from today

And so, going forward, that’s where we are today. Going forward, well, we’ve already got over 3000 people that are in our community. My aim is to build the best, the most transparent, biggest, most successful trading community of like-minded people. Now, when I say biggest, we’re not wanting hundreds of thousands of people, because that would just be a nightmare. We’re after people who really want to make this work for themselves. People who are motivated, dedicated to put in some effort, but also to get the rewards out of trading. That’s what we’re after, when we say a big group of people. People that just expect something for nothing, that think they’re going to press this button and it’s going to work for them, they’re not right for us. We’re not a good fit. We’re after people who are self-motivated. That’s why self-employed people work really well at trading. That’s why a lot of women make extremely good traders, because they’re a little bit more motivated and realise that good things take time, realise that some effort is needed, some dedication, some commitment. And if you’ve got that, you’re the perfect fit for us.

So going forward, more people like that. We’re still looking at building the team. Both Mikalai and Paul started as coaching clients and then did extremely well, and they developed into being on the team with us. So, when this whole COVID thing’s over and we can start travelling again, having some live group tuition, some one-on-one tuition all around the world, is a big aim for me personally. Of course, to keep my own trading enjoyable and profitable is a goal.

TFTC Pattern Trader continues to achieve great results

Pattern Trader is just developing into possibly one of the very best bits of auto trade software available. Results just continue to amaze us all and by results by so many different people as well. So, I’m looking at taking that to the next level, getting more and more people to have that blend between auto trading and manual trading. For those that don’t want to do any of the trading themselves, our Echo Trade Copier service is certainly a really good option that’s making some fantastic returns.

So for me, it’s about more of the same, helping people who want to help themselves. We’ve got a strategy that’s worked for all those years. It’s based on sound principles. It’s based on not needing very much time at your computer once you understand it and once you know what you’re doing. We help our clients with webinars, with real live time trading, daily trades, trades posted on our forum site, trades taken on our live webinars, European session and US session. We’ve got a great team of people, great team of support, lots of amazing trading software to make everybody’s life easier. So, that’s really where we’re up to. And so, that to continue is really what we’re about. So, that going forward, I love trading. I love the lifestyle that it offers, love the rewards and returns it offers. I love the coaching side of the things because of the people who we get to meet and talk to on a daily basis.

So, if you have any interest in trading, a really good option for you to consider coming on board with, if that’s what you want to do, we’ve just loved doing what we’re doing. So Matt, to answer your question more of the same, it’s fantastic.

Ask me questions and register for our 12th Birthday Sale

And anybody that has any questions, just drop me an email, [email protected] And don’t forget about our 12th birthday sale as well. I’ll put a link to that on this video and podcast somewhere for you to take advantage of that incredible sale that’s coming up on the 12th, 13th of May. See you soon. Bye.


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