After trading forex for 18 months and just managing to break even most months i dont even know why i didnt give up to be honest. After realising i was a victim of one of many well marketed scams out there that suck you in by making outragous claims of how much money you will make ect, i decided not to give up, which led to coming across

After communicating with Andrew via email (all replys were same day) i had a good feeling as he seemed to be a genuine guy. The thought of being trained one on one by a full time trader and not just a salesman claiming he is a successfull trader really appealed to me.

I have now been trading using Andrews system for three months and have been very profitable every week since. This month i am up to 13 consecutive winning trades with no losers so far, it almost seems too good to be true.

I would highly reccomend Andrew's course to anyone looking at acheiving realistic goals with their trading.