After spending 4 years trying to learn a variety of different systems and failing badly I was just about to give up on the forex business when I came across Andrews web site and decided to give it one more shot, I took Andrews course which provided a concise manual that showed his money management system and his trading tools and strategys.Andrew sent me this information to digest prior to spending a two evening webinair training session with me. Andrew is very open and easy to talk to

he provides daily suggestions for trades and gives good back up support, The main benefit for me is that he teaches a good daily trade strategy that if traded with the all important money management system takes the emotional issues out of trading. I have been trading live for over a week using his recommendations and software pointers and made 5% on my account , I realize that this is early days but I can honestly say that this is the first time that I have felt comfortable enough with a strategy and system to go live,I also find his support excellent. I would strongly recommend Andrew as a person and as a trainer.