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01:00    Big movements on the daily charts
02:28    Live training room webinar with 150 people registered
03:26    The importance of the various support and resistance levels
04:47    How you get yourself a really good solid trading plan
06:42    More of continuation and reversal trades next week

Japanese strength this week

Well it’s all been the Japanese strength this week, yet again let me tell you more right now.

Hi every body Andrew Mitchem here.

Today’s Friday the 14th of June. And that’s right it’s been about the JPY strength, yet again this week.

We’ve seen the Yen pairs just falling. We’ve seen a lot of weakness on the US/Yen, the Canadian/Yen, like the Aussie/Yen, the Kiwi/Yen, and I’ve taken quite a number of those trades myself and done very nicely on them, again this week. So there’s two weeks in a row where we’ve seen that.

From time to time, we’ve had the odd day where the prices have pulled back slightly. But overall it’s definitely been JPY strength, and also throughout the week a lot of weakness in the USD itself