It’s Time to Get Real



#414: It’s Time to Get Real

In this video:
00:23 – Keep it real
01:04 – We fail to recognise the effort required to succeed
01:32 – A trading example
03:22 – You need to understand the market
04:42 – You need dedication and hard work

As a Forex trader, you need to learn to get real. Let me explain more right now.

Hey, traders, Andrew here at the Forex Trading Coach with video and podcast number 414.

Keep it real

Now, this is going to be all about getting real, keeping it real with your expectations. So, what we see online is everybody’s success. We see lots of money being made in trading. If we’re into sports, we see great sports men, great sports women out there having success, scoring the runs, taking the wickets in their cricket, winning grand slams in tennis, scoring tries in rugby, scoring the goals in soccer.

With musicians, we see the great guitarists, the amazing singers, the drummer, all those type of things. We all see their success and we go, “Wow, wouldn’t it be amazing too?”

We fail to recognise the effort required to succeed

But the problem is, is we don’t see the hard work, the blood, sweat, tears, the dedications, their failures, their commitments behind the scenes to get to that level of success. Trading is no different. Trading does take work, dedication, commitment to learn how to do this properly. It is no different from being a fantastic singer or tennis player or whatever it is that you follow.

A trading example

A great example of that was something that I got sent just yesterday. Someone sent me a link to this Expert Advisor, so this robot that trades gold. I looked at it briefly and I thought, “That looks okay,” and it had some quite good success. It was up 22% by taking these buy trades automatically on gold. Now this morning my time, which is now Friday, the 4th of June, gold has crashed. It’s dropped quite a lot overnight, had a big fall. Biggest fall it’s had in quite a long time. I looked at the results of this Expert Advisor this morning, it’s now on its equity at 3.4% from mid-20s just yesterday. So, it’s had about a 19% drawdown just today.

Now the reality is, is you cannot absorb that, and so unfortunately most people won’t see that, they’ll just see it as … they won’t see it’s an equity drawdown, and so they won’t understand what they’re looking for. So they think they can pay their $200 and off they go and this thing’s going to magically trade for them, but there’s no work involved in that, there’s no understanding involved in that. That’s the downside when you make things too easy.

So I just wanted to highlight that, because I’ve seen it just an hour ago. Looked at the updated results and it’s crashed. So, the problem is with that is they are not understanding the basic principles of trading, they’re not understanding controlled risk, because those trades on that Expert Advisor, they’re still open. If gold crashes again today and next week when you’re watching this video, that 19% drawdown could be 20%, 30%, 40% drawdown, who knows. That’s the problem when you don’t know what you’re doing or you’re relying on someone else and you don’t know how their system works.

You need to understand the market

So, the whole let’s get real thing, you’ve got to understand the market. Now to be perfectly honest, we’ve had a pretty tough last few weeks on most of our charts. The market has not been kind to us, but we have very low controlled drawdowns and we have low-risk on our trades. We’ve seen personally the longer timeframes, the weekly and the monthly charts and the short timeframes, the one, two hour charts, four hour charts had some great trades on those, but in between, the six, eight, 12 hour charts and the daily charts have not been that good in the last few weeks, but we’re real about that.

Not every trade will be profitable, not every week will be profitable. Sometimes you may even get a month that’s not profitable, but you have to be real, you have to have those expectations of that could happen. But the difference with the way that we trade, because with good traders and we understand risk and reward and low-risk portrayed, and the way that we teach, is that if we have a few weeks that are not so good, our drawdowns are tiny. We’re not going to suddenly lose this Expert Advisor 19% overnight, you cannot absorb that. So, the let’s get real thing is that trades will not always work, you have to be real about that.

You need dedication and hard work

The dedication and the hard work and the commitment is real. You can’t just buy something for 200 bucks, stick it on a virtual server and expect it to work miracles, that’s not real. So understanding how to trade is the reality, understanding the commitment. I held a webinar yesterday for two hours, it ended up being two and a half hours. I can’t say everybody, but almost everybody stayed on that webinar the whole two and a half hours, because they had the time, the dedication, the commitment to learn.

We took some webinar trades to our charts yesterday and they did really, really well. So being real, turning up, attending webinars. With our course, being on our forums site, viewing our daily trades each day, putting a little bit of time and effort into your trading, especially upfront when you’re learning is the get real bit. Sure, once you know what you’re doing, you can trade in 10, 20 minutes a day going forward, but you have to expect and accept that some effort is required upfront.

So get real in your trading, expect some losses from time to time. Don’t expect miracles, expect to put some effort in, but then get real and expect some great returns.

This is Andrew Mitchem at The Forex Trading Coach. I’ll see you this time next week. Bye for now.

Episode Title: #414: It’s Time to Get Real

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