How to Create Profitable Forex Robots in 2 minutes



#406: How to Create Profitable Forex Robots in 2 minutes

In this video:
00:29 – Creating bots in under 2 minutes
00:45 – TFTC Pattern Trader software
01:15 – My results for March
01:49 – How it works
02:28 – Leader board displaying the top 20 bots
03:22 – Signals arrive via Telegram
04:39 – Sign up for a 10 day trial
05:00 – Back test software and direct MT4 integration
05:38 – View the site for yourself

Would you like to know how to create profitable forex trading robots in just two minutes? If you would, listen up, I’ve got some fantastic news to share with you.

Hey traders, it’s Andrew Mitchem here at the Forex Trading Coach with video and podcast number 406.

Creating bots in under 2 minutes

And that’s right, you can now create profitable, real forex trading robots in under two minutes. Sounds a little bit far-fetched, doesn’t it? But honestly, it is true. And we have created some software called TFTC Pattern Trader.

TFTC Pattern Trader software

It’s software that we’ve been using now for almost one year. And up until now, pretty much everybody using it has been our forex coaching clients. But we are now in a position where we are able to offer this incredible trading software to the general public. So you don’t need to be a Forex Trading Coach client in order to start to use this now, to benefit from it.

My results for March

So just some quick numbers, March completed with my bots that I am using myself a 14% gain on my live account. Pretty much hands free. This month, so far April and bear in mind most of it’s been closed because of Easter and I closed off the bots just prior to Easter, just after Easter. So far right now, as I’m recording this on Friday, the 9th, I am up 4.5% on my trades. Again, pretty much hands free.

How it works

So the software quick description, first of all, it only uses my trading strategy. But you have the ability to create your own bots and you can literally create them by ticking a few boxes and then checking them for backtesting in under two minutes. It this quite incredible, like nothing else you would have seen. And the other thing you can do is you can use some of our ready-made bots.

You can use the exact same bot that I use myself, and I’ve made that 14% in March and currently up 4.5% so far in April, you can use exactly the same one. You can look at it, you can tweak it, you can add to it, you can do whatever it is you like.

Leader board displaying the top 20 bots

The other thing that we have is a leaderboard and the leaderboard displays our top 20 clients bots that they have created. And on the top 20, the lowest number 20 has had an actual return of almost 15, one fiver percent so far to date. The highest one so far has made 85%. Now, these are since their inception, they’re not annual returns. The annual returns are likely to be significantly higher. The other important thing to notice though, of course, it’s all well and good having great results. But the important thing to note is the drawdowns. And the drawdowns on almost all of the bots on the top 20 there are extremely low, most of them 5% and under. Yet they’re getting results of 15% up to 85%.

So you can also follow along with those as well, if you wish to.

Signals arrive via Telegram

And we use a great piece of software, which you’ve probably heard of called Telegram. And what happens is when the bot creates a signal, it goes through to your Telegram on your phone or your computer. You can look at it and you can see the trade and you literally press yes or no, and it will place the trade on your account for you. To take that one step further, we have the ability to completely automate the trading process as well. So the trades can be placed onto your account 100% automatically. And so there are various options there, depending on which level of the service you prefer to take. Now, even on the 100% automatic service, which is the one I use myself, I still manually look at trades and from time to time close part of trades or even close them in full, just depending on what the trade looks like itself.

But really, it really is about sort of, for me, 95% of the time it’s completely automated. And so the bots give you the ability to create your own bots with your own money management rules on pairs that you like to trade. And you can go through and fine tune those by eliminating certain pairs or timeframes or creating a group of bots to put together to make a portfolio. It really is a very simple process to do.

Sign up for a 10 day trial

And on our site, we are giving you access to the basic level of the software for 10 days, free of charge. After that, you can decide if you like the software and to be honest with results like we’re getting, you’d be crazy not to, but that’s your call. But if you’d like to then continue, you can then upgrade for a paid monthly or annual service.

Back test software and direct MT4 integration

The other thing is this, we have not only built in back tests software, which is phenomenally good software and data, but we also have built in your MT4 account gets built into the software.

So included in the price is the integration. You do not need to go and have your own virtual server. You do not need to leave your computer on or anything like that. It’s all built in to the package. All you need is either demo or when you go live, a live MT4 trading account and you can have those trades placed directly onto you live account, completely hands-free.

View the site for yourself

So what I’ll do is I will put a link to the software on this post. And if you want to have a look at it, I recommend it, try either joining for a month or two, or just try the 10 day trial. But the website is

So I hope that helps if you’d like to create bots in two minutes, really it is under two minutes. It is an incredibly simple process to create them. Or you can follow along with the bots that we’ve already created. It’s changing the way that traders are trading, and it’s there for you to take advantage of. Click on the link that will be on this post. And I look forward to sharing our incredible software with you. So once again, this is Andrew Mitchem here at the Forex Trading Coach. I’ll see you this time next week with more information, bye for now.

Episode Title: #406: How to Create Profitable Forex Robots in 2 minutes

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