How much is a good weekly return from trading the Forex market?

In this video:
00:25 – What is a good return as a Forex trader?
00:40 – JAS Funds is at +2.6% for the week
02:05 – Low drawdowns, low risk trades
02:35 – 3 trades taken on a live webinar made coaching clients +1.25%
03:17 – Learning from watching a trader in real time – Weekly webinars for clients
04:10 – 2 live webinars for US and Canadian clients this week – link below

How much would you consider is a good return? Let’s talk about that and more right now.

Hi, Forex traders, Andrew Mitchem here, The Forex Trading Coach and this is video and podcast number 220.

What is a good return as a Forex trader?

I wanted to talk about what makes a good return as a Forex trader. It means different things to different people. It depends whether you have a relatively small account, whether you have a big account, whether you are just starting out or whether you’re a bigger, longer term investor. Let’s talk about the different scenarios.

JAS Funds is at +2.6% for the week

As an example, this week on the manager accounts that I manage as part of JAS Funds, we’re up 2.6 percent. It’s a great return, I’m very, very happy. If we can do that every week I’ll be extremely happy. Unfortunately we don’t do that quite every week, but this week has been a very, very good week.

The key for us at JAS Funds is to have low risk for trade, it’s to have a low draw down and it’s to have high reward to risk trades. 2.6 percent gain in one week is an exception gain and investors are very, very happy. When you’re trading with millions of dollars, you’ve got to have very low risk and very small draw downs.

However, if you were on say, let’s say a 1,000 or $2,000 account, something like that, yes you could have higher risk and it’s quite easy to see how people might make say, 10, 20 percent in a week or even in a month but that’s something that you can do if you’re on a smaller account if that amount of money doesn’t mean the world to you. If one or $2,000 is your maximum account size and that’s a huge amount to you, then you need to be very low risk, understanding how to trade and almost forget about the monetary return at this stage. Again, it’s a bit like a video I made a few weeks ago, you have to think like an investor, so that’s a really, really important thing to look at.

Low drawdowns, low risk trades

Now as I mentioned with JAS, we’re looking at very low draw downs, but an annual return, we’re looking at somewhere sort of 30 percent and above and if we do that year after year, then that’s an exceptional return that investors are absolutely ecstatic about and so are we as traders. Again, it’s about understanding what’s important for you and what type of trader you are and what account size you have and why you’re trading.

3 trades taken on a live webinar made coaching clients +1.25%

I’ll give you another example of some great trades, just last night I held a webinar, a two hour live webinar in European trading session for my clients and I took three trades on the session live.

Two were on the one hour charts and one was on the six hour charts. The six hour chart trade lost and I lost half of one percent and on the other two trades, we gained a profit on both. We made a net gain of 1.25 percent on that account, risking half percent. On the JAS, which is the fund management, I’m only risking a quarter of one percent and so but on my personal account, I’m risking half of one percent because it’s my own account. I made 1.25 percent and so did all the clients that copied those three trades just on the webinar just yesterday.

Learning from watching a trader in real time – Weekly webinars for clients

It’s not just about for them the actual copying the trades, it’s understanding why I’m taking the trade and it’s seeing the trades live in real time. They could have all gone wrong, they could have all worked, it’s about seeing that in real time, seeing the setup, being confident in the system and taking the trade. That’s what clients get so much benefit from, from the weekly webinars that we hold. One week I hold a live webinar in the European session, the following week Paul, who is a client of mine in America, he holds a two hour webinar in the US session and then the following week, I’m European session, then he goes US session, etc., so we have weekly webinars now for clients.

A great service and clients are just loving the weekly sessions. It doesn’t really matter where in the world you live, you can get onto one of those as a client.

2 live webinars for US and Canadian clients this week – link below

That’s it with the webinars, the other thing, talking webinars actually, next week I’m holding two live webinars for traders in America and Canada with Paul, live sessions. There’s a link below this video. I’d love to see you on those if you are in America or Canada, especially for you guys over there. Really looking forward to holding those webinars and that’s leading on to me coming to America in June to do some live training.

If you’d like to know about JAS Funds and having your accounts managed, if you are a wholesale investor and you have a minimum of $100,000 in your trading account, then you would qualify for JAS Funds. Email me, Andrew, at the forextrainingcoach.com if you’d like details on JAS Funds.

Have a great week and I’ll see you this time next week. This is Andrew Mitchem for Forex Training Coach.

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