How Leverage Can Help You Achieve Your Trading Goals weekly video

In this weekly video:
00:31 – We all use leverage to achieve things quicker and easier
01:00 – The problem with using leverage if you don’t know what you are doing
01:13 – I use leverage to help traders Worldwide
02:22 – Managed Forex Accounts using www.JASFunds.com
03:33 – Create Passive Income and a Diversified Investment

In this video and podcast, I want to talk about how leverage can really assist you achieve your trading goals. So, let’s get into that right now.

Hi traders, it’s Andrew Mitchem here. This is video and podcast number 215 and I want to talk about leverage, how leverage can help you and assist you to achieve your trading goals. Let’s get into it.

We all use leverage to achieve things quicker and easier

Well, leverage, we use it everyday in so many ways to help us, to help us achieve things better, quicker, easier. When it comes to trading, it’s no different. You see, you could go to a bank and use leverage by using a mortgage. In trading, I use leverage by using my broker’s money. It’s a great way if you know what you’re doing.

The problem with using leverage if you don’t know what you are doing

But, the trouble is with leverage and the problem with leverage is it’s a double-edged sword. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it can easily damage you. I’ve got something that can help you, two options really.

I use leverage to help traders Worldwide

Number one, with my Forex coaching course, I use leverage. I’ve taught over 1600 traders from all around the world. How to make money from trading but they’re leveraging me.

They’re leveraging my years of knowledge and experience, my ongoing support that I give people with daily, trading information. Which by the way, rough over 3% so far this week. We hold webinars. We can use leverage through webinars.

It reduces the cost. I don’t need to travel to see people because the power of leverage in webinars, we all come together online. It’s the same with the membership site in terms of we’re using leverage for I write the post to people all around the world can get to see what I’m writing and suggesting to them on daily basis.

We’re using leverage, we’re using the power of the internet and we’re using leverage. As in I can help so many people globally and they can tap into my knowledge and experience. That becomes leverage in terms of coaching and in terms of trading.

Managed Forex Accounts using www.JASFunds.com

Now, if the actual learning how to trade for yourself is something that either doesn’t interest you. You don’t have the time, you don’t think you have the computer skills, whatever it might be, then I’ve got another option that uses leverage. It’s called JAS Funds. IJ-A-S-F-U-N-D-S dot com.

www.jasfunds.com, JAS Funds. JAS Funds is a new company that I’ve started recently with two colleagues of mine and JAS Funds is a Forex management company. We are managing Forex accounts on behalf of individuals.

Now, there are some criteria and to qualify, you need be called what’s called a “Wholesale Investor” in your own country. To find out what a wholesale investor is, visit our website and I’ll put a link below this video. Also, it’s JAS Funds, www.jasfunds.com. JAS Funds, you can use leverage because you can use our experience. Our trading knowledge and experience and we can do the trading for you.

Create Passive Income and a Diversified Investment

Again, it’s a great way of using leverage. You can have passive income, you can use Forex as an alternative type of investment to the traditional investments. It’s really quite independent to most other markets out there. If you’re looking to diversify your portfolio or expand into new markets.

Then either learning how to trade yourself is one option or letting us do the trading for you is another option. So many ways you can use leverage out there within your trading and to help you overall within life.

I hope that helps. If you’d like to know more about JAS Funds, click on the link below this video.

This is Andrew Mitchem, the Forex trading coach. Have a fantastic day, great weekend. I’ll see you this time, next week.