I studied the Forex Coach course with Andrew at the end of 2010. The system that he teaches is simple to understand and implement. Andrew comes across as a very friendly person without the usual hard sell approach that is only too prevalent in this business. The course is ideal for those who wish to day trade or (as Andrew himself prefers) for those who have less “screen time” and would rather place end of day trades taking perhaps 15 -30 mins at night. He sends out daily trade recommendations which had a success rate last year of around 97% gain for the year, so even if you just follow the recommendations you should do well. What is perhaps most important in this industry which has far too many shysters, is that Andrew stands out as a man of honesty and integrity, and the transparency of his recommendations which are delivered prior to the next days activity and his results which are completely verifiable are a refreshing change from the usual ‘smoke and mirrors’ offerings from others. I would highly recommend Andrew as a coach to anyone interested in learning to trade.