In this video:
00:18      +9% gain this week from risking just 0.5% per trade
02:09      Closing the trades out before that US Non-Farm Payroll announcement
03:49      A lot of strength has come in the JPY
04:29      Two new clients comments

Well, another +9% on my trading account this week.  A Fantastic week!

Let me show you how.

Hi, Andrew Mitchem here, the Forex Trading Coach.

Today is Friday, the 7th of June, already half way through another year.  And what an amazing week it’s been a +9% gain on my account this week from risking just 0.5 of 1% per trade.  And let me tell you how I’ve made those trades.

Well, I’ve made just over +4% on the daily charts. Now those are the same trades that I suggest to my clients each and every day.  I put the trade, the currency pair, the direction, the reasons for the trade, the entry and the exits, these are set and for