Forex Reviews: Tim Cash from Sydney, Australia

Forex Reviews Andrew Mitchem: Hi, it’s Andrew Mitchem here, The Forex Trading Coach and I’m joined by Tim today. Hello to Tim.

Tim Cast: Hello Andrew.

Andrew Mitchem: How are you? 

Tim Cast: I’m fantastic! How are you? 

Andrew Mitchem: Really good. Thank you, Tim. Tim could you just start by introducing yourself please letting everybody know who you are and where you live pl


Tim Cast: Yeah, sure. My name is Tim Cash. I reside in Sydney, Australia. Originally from the United Kingdom and I’ve been living in Australia for 16 years.

Andrew Mitchem: Okkay, thank you. And could you let everybody know a brief history regarding your forex trading experience prior to taking my course. 

Tim Cast: Yeah. It’s about three or four years ago. I had a coach who assisted me in my corporate business life. And we were talking about platform of investment. He’s a very insightful gent in my coach. He gave me an overview of forex trading and then went off and explore and what I did is when I say explore I just started trading myself right. And it didn’t work because I really didn’t know what I was doing. So I was just speculating it was what I would say a 100 percent speculation and all I did was use accounts from HSBC to transfer money between different currencies. And the expectation was is it the Aussie couldn’t go any higher and therefore there would be a drop and so maybe it’s the Australian dollar go back from being apparently with the US dollar back to say 80. 

Tim Cast: It didn’t it just went higher. And so that system didn’t work. So then I started looking at what was available in the marketplace and the type of course that I looked at initially was from that. Meant you went on a course initially. A quite a high 7 to gain entry to the course and then you be invited to various residential get togethers if you like and where you had the big talk. More, more and more and I always felt that there will be margin taking in everything that I did and as I mentioned earlier there were the entry levels was quite significant so. It would pass five times the level the entry level for trying Andrew’s programmes. I was a bit I was very cagey. To be fair they didn’t push me very hard. They just said it might not be for you. So I was appreciative of that. However when something is floured up to involve going on lots of residential courses and get togethers I just feel as though there’s this good profit to be taken for a course organizers which means that you diminishing any potential margin and you’re not keeping the principle of ethics training simple which it clearly is. So I was standing on the beach in the Sutherland Shire of Sydney in Facebook cronulla and my daughter was getting surf lessons and a guy. I suppose it was a little bit of serendipity. A guy walked over and he just started talking to me. He was a he’s son was having surf lessons and he was there with his wife and he came over he said, “Well, I’m a full time trader” and I said, “I’ve been looking into this and that explain a little bit about what I’ve been looking at and he goes I wouldn’t do any of that. Look up a guy called Andrew Mitchem”. And then he said to me in parting essentially he said, “Look, just take your time in setting yourself up and learn it. Take take a few months if you need to to get to know. But look up Andrew Mitchem, he’s great. So I went to the computer and looked up Andrew Mitchem and then a couple of days later, Andrew and I connected and we are today. 

Andrew Mitchem: Fantastic! What an amazing story. So really it was because of that recommendation I suppose what you saw from the site that made you decide to take my course.

Tim Cast: Yes, well I like to regard myself as a risk taker but I think that’s just to offset the fact that you know am I fearful investing too much money. Initially when I don’t know enough about it. And yet I’m not somebody who couldn’t start throwing money here and there because you know I’ve got family commitments that I need to look after. So when the investments of 10,000 dollars to go with the alternative option came about. I thought let’s just do it. Let me throw myself into it but it never felt right. It never felt intuitively correct. One thing I’ve learned in my life was that intuition is very powerful. And if I don’t listen it I tend to end on the wrong position. So some good life lessons there. So what I did is I read it. I looked at the website that you Andrew. Enjoy the conversation that we initially had in you. And what happened is it was a very engaging conversation I’m sure a number of your clients fine this. Because you’re very engaging and have a genuine desire to assist with the outcome. So when I looked then at the prices and the auctions I thought well, this is a very sensible place to start and I saw that it was a way of me overcoming my fears of investing too much money. I appreciate this different types of packages but I came in a package that was taking the video courses and plus Andrew and I are talking about doing more together now. I felt it was the right level and sense level and that’s where I, that’s where I started and I felt good intuitively it felt correct.

Andrew Mitchem: Okay, so what are your favourite parts of the course. Would you say.

Tim Cast: I think the term the way is structured if you look at the. If you look at the way the course is set up so the software that provides the different mediums so you get the actual website. So the website is neat and tidy. I like that it’s not overly complex to have to jump around not too many words and that would take straight away because I’m a guy who likes to keep things simple. And secondly when you go in to Wistia. I think I mentioned it correct there it’s it’s a really simple piece of software as well web based software that allows you to use that really easily. And so that gets back to the tickets as well and any information is supplied platform that you use to supply the information is really straightforward. Once you have to log in each time. It means that everything gets updated and you’ve got a degree of security as well so there’s no problem with that. So I think when you add all that up plus you’ve got your Help Desk, plus you’ve got the opportunity to have Q&A, plus you get actually call you if you really want to. And I think that’s a great thing. I think that all comes together and makes makes it easy. The only thing that I would say would be that you’ve got 80 pages of course note and you got a guide that I think is complete 10 pages off the top of my head.

Tim Cast: So you’ve got 90 pages to get through and probably a lot of busy people out there so including myself. Choosing how to do that and breaking it down into manageable chunks without losing momentum. It’s something that is quite challenging, but the second someone going through it which is which I find prudent. I’m finding love easier and also looking at the videos. I’m finding that the videos are really complementary. Once I’ve been through one. So the second time around is really really quite straightforward and it puts the jigsaw together. So drives your question and it’s the way it’s all laid out the software platforms and where these things are used. And as you go through it for a second time it really just starts here at home and you start to realize that the basic principles aren’t overly complex which is something I really like looking at for that how are you going to get there. I really get it. And you can then start making decisions about what type of trades they’re going to look at. But I am one of these types of answers where I probably need to put it all together rather than rather than try to do this. And then I’m okay. I’d like to know how does this fit together to talking to Andrew today. Reminds just to explore a little bit further and then say “How does it work? What time do you start? When you do this? when you do that? What does this mean? And what would happen if this happened?” and it becomes a little bit formulaic but you end up in a position where you know what each respective action means. So that’s the way that’s the way my mind works and I feel that that works for me. 

Tim Cast: I’m not the most patient person in the world and because of course isn’t over there long as it is 500 pages are probably struggled to get through it because it’s it’s got 90 pages. I think it’s I think it’s a sensible sensible length and hopefully you put it all together and clearly understand it. I don’t know but I’m getting there. 

Andrew Mitchem: Great. Thank you. And so how do you think that the trading and taking the course and Forex trading in general is going to help you with your longer term financial goals. 

Tim Cast: Well, mine’s a non-negotiable position because as as would be the case for a lot of people. I’ve been through a couple of relationships and you know I have beautiful children. I got children living in different parts of Australia. I need to have flexibility. So at some point through my property business which is my profession and also through this I want to have the flexibility to be based anywhere. So I really need to study hard, listen to Andrew and get to understand this as an expert and become what I call professional trader because that will give me the best opportunity and I really want to back myself and not divert from this is a principle goal for 2012. I’ve only just started so I’ve got a little bit in 2011 but 2012 is where it really starts to happen. What I’ve done is I’ve set myself a goal of making X amount of profit in year 1 in 2012 calendar year and I want to get to that you get then learning about cash management along the way and the sensibility in the premises that Andrew guides of provides us guidance and then to made a certain profit which I believe is completely feasible. 

Tim Cast: And then by 2014 to build it up to a higher and high level than that. And at that point to give me the option to be able to be based anywhere and have more flexibility and freedom in where I live and work. And that compliments me seeing my children and that helps compliments my needs to travel back to the United Kingdom where I also have family and it’s important that I get that so that all around contact with my family because they’re very important to me. So I got my three big goals for 2012 which in my foreign exchange trading, to see my children regularly and also to travel. And this is the best platform. This is it for me. This is the best platform. And I think I’ve got a medium and a way to do this that will get you there and staying focused will achieve great results or being well.

Andrew Mitchem: Fantastic! Well, Tim I wish you very good profitable year. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with everybody and good luck for the coming year. 

Tim Cast: Thank you Andrew. Appreciate it.