Forex Reviews: Tim Cash from Sydney, Australia

Forex Reviews Andrew Mitchem: Hi, it’s Andrew Mitchem here, The Forex Trading Coach and I’m joined by Tim today. Hello to Tim.

Tim Cast: Hello Andrew.

Andrew Mitchem: How are you? 

Tim Cast: I’m fantastic! How are you? 

Andrew Mitchem: Really good. Thank you, Tim. Tim could you just start by introducing yourself please letting everybody know who you are and where you live pl


Tim Cast: Yeah, sure. My name is Tim Cash. I reside in Sydney, Australia. Originally from the United Kingdom and I’ve been living in Australia for 16 years.

Andrew Mitchem: Okkay, thank you. And could you let everybody know a brief history regarding your forex trading experience prior to taking my course. 

Tim Cast: Yeah. It’s about three or four years ago. I had a coach who assisted me in my corporate business life. And we were talking about platform of investment. He’s a very insightful gent in my coach. He gave me an overview of forex trading and then went off and explore and what I did is when I say explore I just started trading myself right. And it didn’t work because I really didn’t know what I was doing. So I was just speculating it was what I would say a 100 percent speculation and all I did was use accounts from HSBC to transfer money between different currencies. And the expectation was is it the Aussie couldn’t go any higher and therefore there would be a drop and so maybe it’s the Australian dollar go back from being apparently with the US dollar back to say 80. 

Tim Cast: It didn’t it just went higher. And so that system didn’t work. So then I started looking at what was available in the marketplace and the type of course that I looked at initially was from that. Meant you went on a course initially. A quite a high 7 to gain entry to the course and then you be invited to various residential get togethers if you like and where you had the big talk. More, more and more and I always felt that there will be margin taking in everything that I did and as I mentioned earlier there were the entry levels was quite significant so. It would pass five times the level the entry level for trying Andrew’s programmes. I was a bit I was very cagey. To be fair they didn’t push me very hard. They just said it might not be for you. So I was appreciative of that. However when something is floured up to involve going on lots of residential courses and get togethers I just feel as though there’s this good profit to be taken for a course organizers which means that you diminishing any potential margin and you’re not keeping the principle of ethics training simple which it clearly is. So I was standing on the beach in the Sutherland Shire of Sydney in Facebook cronulla and my daughter was getting surf lessons and a guy. I suppose it was a little bit of serendipity. A guy walked over and he just started talking to me. He was a he’s son was having surf lessons and he was there with his wife and he came over he said, “Well, I’m a full time trader” and I said, “I’ve been looking into this and that explain a little bit about what I’ve been looking at and he goes I wouldn’t do any of that. Look up a guy called Andrew Mitchem”. And then he said to me in parting essentially he said, “Look, just take your time in setting yourself up and learn it. Take take a few months if you need to to get to know. But look up Andrew Mitchem, he’s great. So I went to the computer and looked up Andrew Mitchem and then a couple of days later, Andrew and I connected and we are today. 

Andrew Mitchem: Fantastic! What an amazing story. So really it was because of that recommendation I suppos