Forex Reviews: Jonathan Hale from Brisbane, Australia

Andrew Mitchem: Hello.

Jonathan Hale:Hello. Yes sure. So I live just on the northeast side of Brisbane, up in Sunny Scarborough. I'm an I.T. consultant by trade I work in Brisbane City or a consulting firm. And yeah so. So by day I guess I'm a project manager for program manger

Andrew Mitchem: Okay. And can you just let me know roughly like a brief history of your Forex experience prior to doing the course.

Jonathan Hale: Absolutely zero. So when many years ago in a previous life I did work in investments in London. That was more small sort of pension life fund management sort of area. But I didn't really get into the actual trading side of things. And then I moved into I.T. So it's been quite a long time since I had any exposure to investments generally. So yeah in terms of Forex pretty much minimal. I knew what it was, but that was about it.

Andrew Mitchem: Okay, that's interesting. Did you take any other courses prior to looking at my course?

Jonathan Hale: No, not at all.

Andrew Mitchem: Okay, so what made you decide to look at some forex education?

Jonathan Hale: Well, one of my friends so local friends started talking about trading on the S&P 500, e-Minis I think it's called. So I had a conversation over the weekend with her and she's quite excited about this course she'd found. Different company and different vehicle for trading, I guess. But she is very very so enthusiastic and it kind of inspired me to start thinking about alternatives in terms of creating wealth for my family and doing something that could be quite interesting sort of as a hobby to start off with and maybe even moving towards longer term. So I started doing a bit of research and came across forex or ethics and basically So sort of investigating the benefits of trading forex vs e-Minis vs. shares vs. share renting all those sorts of things and ethics of forex came out on top in terms of you know the pros and cons for doing it. So that's how I got interested. And then I did more more research and discovered yourself.

Andrew Mitchem: So out of all the research that you did obviously there's more than one education site. What is it about my site that made you sort of say well I want to part with some money and invest in this course. Anything [INAUDIBLE] to that.

Jonathan Hale: I think it was sort of the no frills, nothing, not too much sales. Salesy type way that you presented yourself on your site. I was quite impressed with you know in quite plain speaking and explaining things extremely well in terms of what you offer and the fact that you know it's not a get rich quick scheme it's very much you know very serious. You are a trader. You've been a trader for a while but you can teach me how to become a trader. You didn't set any false expectations in terms of that or wild expectations I guess in terms of what could be achieved. I quite liked that and I quite liked me but the realism of it right. What attracted me to your site. I did look at other sites, other courses. Some were more expensive Some were cheaper, but I thought yours kind of hit on the on the right level of value for money. You weren't so cheap that you'd think oh what am I going to get out of this. And you weren't so expensive where you think you know “This is too good to be true. I'm not going to part with that much money to do it at this point” so it was it was kind of right in the middle I guess in the sweet spot for me personally as to what I prepared to invest vs what I could gain out of the investment. That's what might attracted me to sign in the first place.

Andrew Mitchem: Okay. and how have you found the course so far? because I'm not exactly sure how long you've been acquired but it's several months now.

Jonathan Hale: Yeah, so I've been a client since I guess the end of August. Maybe just before. The courses it's fantastic. It's easy to follow. Easy, Well laid out as it goes through all of the all of your ideas your techniques and theories and processes very very clearly. I found I could read it probably took me about six days to read. I was off at the time so it gives you a fair amount of time and myself when I went on what I'm interested in is something I get such great in and I really really focus on it. So it was easy to read. So from my perspective you know I could pick it up and I didn't want to put it down. Put it down. Really when I say you I was pretty excited about the opportunity that it potentially provides me with. And the concept is really really interesting as well but not too complex so I didn't take it off and think wow this is just an enormous book on technical writing and I hear days, weeks, months to get through and I'm I'm going to struggle to remember it. It was it was laid out in such a way that made it easy to remember, easy to understand and it wasn't too much. So that's what I what I really like about it.

Andrew Mitchem: Right. Thank you. Any favourite parts about the course so far. Is it better stand out more than others?

Jonathan Hale: I think the fact that you summarized along the way as to what you learn and especially at the end we sort of say “Here's your list of almost all of your armoury your all your list of tools that you need to bear in mind when you when you start looking at charts and then you start thinking about trading”. Think it stood out as far as being extremely useful so he took all the good bits that he'd just learned summarized and succinctly. That was good bet.

Andrew Mitchem: Do you like the daily trade suggestions and the webinars, the fortnightly webinars?

Jonathan Hale: Yeah, So they're training videos very very useful. Watch those time and time again and what I found interesting about [INAUDIBLE] is as I learned, I learned a different thing every time I watched them. So strange, so first time you watch them you kind of you know stuff seem sane but it takes a while. And you pick up some bits and then you go back two weeks later and watch the same video. You pick something else. So the training videos are very good. The fortnightly webinars. Very very interesting. I like the fact that you're moving towards sort of interactive trading as well. That's something I'm very keen on. I mean the question is you answer, fantastic, interact trading side of things is good too. And then [INAUDIBLE] daily trades. Absolutely. I mean what I'm doing now is looking at the dailies myself and trying to work out what looks good in. Obviously, you then put your suggestions on your site which is very good too. So you it gives you kind of confidence certainly when you start enough. You can have some trades to put on and you recommended by yourself or obviously a proving trader. So that gives you the confidence to get started and then you can progress yourself as well. Maybe you could sneaky one on yourself. And obviously that cascades down to get better as you go on. It's only been three months and I'm thoroughly enjoying it and I am learning loads every week.

Andrew Mitchem: And any trading goals long term? Are you looking at it just felt like passive income or maybe a full time trade one day.

Jonathan Hale: I would love to be a full time. So whilst I enjoy my job I would love to be able to trade and only trade and do whatever I want with my life whereas I spend time on my kids all know voluntary work or working part time you know playing doing more kite surfing. I don't think about doing so much at the moment. You know I'd love to do that. Absolutely. That would certainly be a goal of mine.