Forex Reviews: Grant Dixon from Matamata, New Zealand

Forex Reviews Andrew Mitchem: Hi, this is Andrew Mitchem, the forex coach and I’ve got Grant Dixon with me here today. Hi there, Grant!

Grant Dixon: Hello, Andrew

Andrew Mitchem: How are you doing?

Grant Dixon: Good mate!

Andrew Mitchem: That’s good, Grant. Could you just let us know, please just a little bit of yourself, where you live and what you do.

Grant Dixon: I’m a professional farmer, live in Matamata. Basically, [INAUDIBLE [0:24]] farming more career. I supposed with currency trading is my hobby.

Andrew Mitchem: Okay, good. Can you just let us know, like a brief background about your forex experience prior to taking my course.

Grant Dixon: To be honest — nothing. Basically, I took advice from my banking fraternity. My bank manager’s boss was actually a forex trader and she said to me, she told me all the pitfalls about forex trading, but at the same time she said, “Yes, there are some good coaches out there. If you can get coached – go for it”, she said. That’s the way to do it. [INAUDIBLE [0:19]] should have it.  You had a seminar and came I think about a week later and here we are.

Andrew Mitchem: Okay, so you didn’t look at any other courses prior? Am I the first one?

Grant Dixon: It was, to be honest. Yeah, it has been just faith.

Andrew Mitchem: Oh good! How’ve you found the course so far? That was probably a year and a half ago?

Grant Dixon: Yeah, been nearly. I suppose I’ve been trading nearly two years now. So yes. Excellent to be honest. I suppose from being a newbie at the whole thing. You’ve gotta get through your normal trials and tribulations, but you stick to the roles that you basically set out on your course. To be honest, you can’t get it too far wrong.

Andrew Mitchem: Favorite parts of the course?

Grant Dixon: Probably the favorite parts are probably the webinars, to be honest. As well the initial training of how everything works. What suit me that webinar, the fortnightly webinars just in the trench and what you should be doing or if you’re going wrong had to fix it. I found them really really useful to be honest.

Andrew Mitchem: And you also like it because a lot of people say trading is quite a lonely business and it’s quite nice to have the interaction.

Grant Dixon: Yeah, I definately agree on that one. Forex trading, is basically the way you talk which is based on technicals. Yeah, what you say is pretty lonely, but having other people and having more sets of eyes on the screen sometimes other people can see slightly different things that you’ve missed. I found it really great.

Andrew Mitchem: Fantastic! So, taking the course is really helpful with your trading. Long term goals in Forex trading?

Grant Dixon: Like I say, I always and wait into this as a hobby experience. Like my nice hobbies, they will cost you money, but the advantage I’ve found about this is the fact that it has the potential to earn you money. And as well as enjoy and learn. It’s one of those things forex trading I don’t believe you ever stop learning and it keeps you go on globally connect that as well. They all find it really good.

Andrew Mitchem: Fantastic! Thanks very much, Grant. Thanks for joining us.

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