Forex Reviews: Anne-Marie Stringer from Adelaide, Australia

Forex Reviews Andrew Mitchem: The Forex Trading Coach and I’ve got Anne-Marie here with me today. Hello Anne-Marie.

Anne-Marie Stringer: Hi Andrew. How are you?

Andrew Mitchem: Very good, thank you. Could you just start please with just giving everybody a quick introduction about yourself where you live and what you do.

Anne-Marie Stringer: I live in Adelaide, South Australia and I work part time in a government department here and I trade part time although my aim is to at some point start trading full time.

Andrew Mitchem: Okay, thank you. And could you just give us a brief history regarding your Forex trading experience prior to taking my course.

Anne-Marie Stringer: Okay, well. I initially started trading shares and CFDs with some success and then the global financial crisis hit and there were quite a few restrictions imposed. And the market became a lot more volatile. So I started looking for ways to diversify my trading. So I started looking into foreign exchange, but I found that it was very difficult to trade foreign exchange with the share strategies that I had. They didn’t quite work I kept getting stopped out due to volatility and I found it really different to share. I started looking for a couple of you know some courses that I could do to improve what I was doing. I did a couple of other ones and they weren’t very successful. And so that’s when I started looking for something else.

Andrew Mitchem: Okay. So when you came across my course. What was it that made you decide to apart with more money and try another course.

Anne-Marie Stringer: Well, I found your course by absolute chance on the internet and I was looking for someone who could be a bit more of a mentor or a coach rather than just paying for a course and then you know the person goes away and you never hear from them again. So I liked that idea of the trading coach and your web site. For me having some experience in trading it set out all the right sorts of things that that a trader would do. And then I think you rang me to discuss what what your system was and I found that very helpful. I could tell that from talking to you that you were a genuine trader and you were really interested in trading and helping people to trade and you understood risk and reward you weren’t just all about selling a system of entry’s which some people do. So I felt very confident with you.

Andrew Mitchem: Okay, Great. Thank you. And so that was around six months ago. So have you found the cause so far?

Anne-Marie Stringer: I found the course is just fantastic. The support that you provide is really good. Being able to email you and ask you questions about trades that you’re taking or ones that I’m taking. The fortnightly webinars are really useful. I find that trading is a bit of a difficult thing to do because sometimes you can lose a bit of confidence if you’re losing some trades and I find that the fortnightly webinars keep you very motivated and as well as being very informative going through the life trades and the other thing I think is really helpful with the course is the daily trade suggestions that you make because you can build your confidence with the system slowly by comparing the traits that I’m taking with with your suggestions and just see whether I’m actually on the right track. It’s just a really good package overall.

Andrew Mitchem: Great thank you. So are you finding that the course is helping you with your trading and results wise are you helping that you’re finding is creating results that you wanted.

Anne-Marie Stringer: Absolutely. I just when I had some I had about seventeen hundred dollars sitting you know in a broker’s account when I when I started your course that was from a you know from previous trading I’ve done just been sitting there and I kept thinking I must put some more money in that account. I didn’t actually put any more money in. I just one day I just thought okay now I’m going to start live trading. I started the live trading and I think I think that accounts now up to ten thousand dollars.

Andrew Mitchem: Really, that’s a live account.

Anne-Marie Stringer: Yes. I never I actually kept thinking I must put some more money in but I never actually had to. Yeah. It just took off. So It’s been really great because it’s actually. Making money. I’ve done other courses where it seems to me you know it seems that you would make money but you actually never did.

Andrew Mitchem: Wow! So you were saying that you started around July. You went live in around September.

Anne-Marie Stringer: Yes.

Andrew Mitchem: And now here we are early December and you’ve made you’ve turned a 1700 dollar account into 10000 live.

Anne-Marie Stringer: Correct.

Andrew Mitchem: Excellent.

Anne-Marie Stringer: Very happy with that.

Andrew Mitchem: That’s incredible. Well done. And so I suppose the obvious thing then is that leads on to your longer term trading goals if you’re achieving such great success.

Anne-Marie Stringer: Yes. I’m hoping that probably sometime next year that I will actually quit my job and start trading full time and put a bit more time into doing the shorter term trades.

Andrew Mitchem: Fantastic. Well thank you very much for sharing sharing your experience so far with the course.

Anne-Marie Stringer: Thank you Andrew. I owe you a lot. Absolutely.