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00:38              When’s the right time to learn profitable Forex?
00:45              Ready to be active into 2013
00:53              Have reached fifty reviews on the Forex page
01:16              Latest Forex Client’s Impressive Trading Result following my system

Hi there! Andrew Mitchem, the Forex Trading Coach.

It’s Thursday, the 20th of December and as you can see, it’s a fantastic day, just a few days away from Christmas.

And so at this time of the year, it’s really nice to take a couple of weeks away from your trading.

The markets are likely to be fairly quiet and quiet flat. So this time of year is a good time to take a couple of weeks away, to be ready for the next fifty weeks of the year. Next year, we can get back into trading again.

If you’re not trading yet, or you’re not successfully trading yet and you’d like to get on top of my course, get into it and spend the next 2 or 3 weeks wisely learning the profitable Forex system.

Ready to be active in 2013!

Learning the system, ready to be active into 2013, I’ll make it a fantastic year.

Also I wanted to share with you – I’ve just reached fifty reviews on the Forex Peace Army website. And the latest review (latest five star review) is from a gent from Auckland here in New Zealand. After his first full year of taking my course, he has achieved over +42% on his live account!

So how would you like that to be you this time next year? Just before Christmas next year you can say, “I’ve taken Andrew’s course and I’ve made over +42% on the live account.” Just imagine how that would feel?

Well, over the Christmas period, I’ll be contactable by email. So if you would like to take my course then, I will be available.

Merry Christmas!

Enjoy yourselves over Christmas. Have a very happy and safe Christmas. Have an amazing time!

Look forward to talking to you in 2013.

And I’ve got one final thing to say! Right behind me, if on cue, my three kids, should be saying, “Merry Christmas!”

 Merry Christmas! Have a fantastic time wherever you may be.

Look forward to talking to you next year.

Bye for now.