Do The Experts Really Trade?

In this weekly video:
00:29 – Experts, are they real traders?
01:18 – Received an email from an expert who has never traded
02:23 – We read the comments and view the sites from the experts.
03:08 – Don’t you want to follow a real trader?
03:48 – We trade live daily

Do the experts really trade? Let’s talk about that and more, right now.

Hey, traders, it’s Andrew Mitchem here, The Forex Trading Coach, with the video and podcast number 289.

Experts, are they real traders?

Now, I’ve got a bit of a controversial subject. Now, I want to talk about this, and I want to talk about the subject of do the experts really trade? I’m not knocking anybody on this. I’m not criticising anybody, I’m just stating a fact and an opinion, so please don’t think that I’m criticising anybody on this. It’s just something that I’ve observed and I want to share it with you, and it’s all about the experts out there. Now, how many people out there who are on TV shows, news channels, write in papers, write online, bankers, brokers, how many of those people who are considered to be experts in the financial and the Forex market, how many of them actually really, honestly trade live and make money from their trading?

Received an email from an expert who has never traded

The reason I want to talk about that is that I’ve received an email, just this morning. Now, I’m obviously, for privacy reasons, not going to disclose names or companies involved, but this person’s looking for help with their trading. Now, the great thing is, they’ve asked for help, and that’s fantastic, and I applaud this guy for coming to me and asking for help. That is really, really good. The interesting thing … and again, before I say this, it’s not a criticism, I’m not knocking anybody. The interesting thing is, this guy says on here that, “The truth is, I have never actually traded. I was a broker in London, a corporate dealer at a bank in London,” and tells me how he was working there. But he said, “I’ve never actually traded and I’m trying to find out how to trade,” and he said, “I’m trying to cut through all the bullshit that’s out there online and you seem the real deal.”

So again, that’s very commendable that he’s admitting that he’s never traded, but my point being is that.

We read the comments and view the sites from the experts.

We all see online people out there writing articles. Now, this guy also is an analyst and an editor for a very, very famous and well-respected and excellent Forex website. It got me thinking with, you know, when we see people on the news, on the CNBCs and the Reuters et cetera, the Bloombergs, when we read articles online, when we see articles in newspapers by these experts, how many of them actually really do trade? They write some amazing bits of script, and fundamental analysis, and some technical analysis.

Don’t you want to follow a real trader?

They write some great stuff but the difference is, is that you want to learn how to trade for yourself, so if you want to learn to trade for yourself, why don’t you find someone to help you, who actually trades for themselves?

That’s where we pride ourselves. We trade daily, we publish daily trades for clients, specific trades, we take trades live on our live webinars on live accounts, we publish and post trades live in real-time on our forum site. There’s a huge amount out there that looks great in theory but is very, very difficult to either trade of to make money from in real-time. That’s where I think that we’re very, very different to a lot of people.

We trade live daily

I’m recording this from my home office. We are real people, real traders, doing the trading, doing what you want to do, so if it’s something that you’re interested in, to learn how to trade for yourself, doesn’t it make sense to ask someone who’s already doing that?

So I hope that helps. This is Andrew Mitchem, The Forex Trading Coach. I’ll see you this time next week.

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