Are Cryptos a Good Investment?



#417: Are Cryptos a Good Investment?

In this video:
00:22 – Crypto currencies or Forex?
00:45 – The advantage of Forex
01:39 – Bitcoin crashes 50% in 2 months
02:53 – Emotions when trading live
03:49 – Forex is the clear winner

Are cryptos a good investment? Let’s talk about that and more right now.

Hey traders, it’s Andrew Mitchem here, the owner of the Forex Trading Coach with the video and podcast number 417.

Crypto currencies or Forex?

Now there’s obviously a lot of talk and a lot of speculation around right now, about cryptocurrencies, and are they a better way of trading than trading the traditional forex market? And with all these new things, everybody thinks that the next thing’s the best thing, but for me, there are so many reasons why trading forex is so much better than trading cryptos.

The advantage of Forex

To start with, forex is stable. It’s been around for years and years now. It’s stable. You can trade it fundamentally. So you can look at world events, news items. You can trade it technically, you can look at your charts. You can trade it with a combination of both. As you know, I’m a technical trader in the forex market, and so what I see on the charts tells me what’s likely to be happening and where I can put my entry and stop loss and profit targets, et cetera, to gain my low risk, high reward trades that we trade.

And so for me, that’s a huge advantage, and world events move the forex market. And you only need to know about eight different currencies, the main currencies, and that’s it. So there’s a lot of advantage there. You’ve got stop loss protection, you can trade different timeframe charts, you know exactly when to look at your charts, et cetera. So all those benefits that you just do not get in the crypto currencies.

Bitcoin crashes 50% in 2 months

Take Bitcoin for example. Just two months ago, Bitcoin almost got to 65,000 US dollars for one Bitcoin. Today, two months later, right now it’s at 33,000. That’s almost a 50% drop in the value of Bitcoin. And that’s something you just do not get in the currency markets. You imagine if you went out there and just bought a Bitcoin and paid nearly 66,000 US dollars or 65,000 US dollars, and today it’s half that value. That’s clearly not good.

But the thing is, how do you trade that? And the beauty of the forex market is you can trade the forex market and you’re in and out of trades relatively quickly, depending on what type of trader you are within a few minutes, a few hours, a few days sometimes, the odd time a week or so. But you’re in and out of that market without those big gaps and those big gaps up, big gaps down and all of a sudden your Bitcoin’s gone from 33,000 down to 25 or maybe 33 up to 38 or something. Big gaps up and down are very, very dangerous emotionally. And you cannot really put stop losses in place, and it’s really hard to control what’s happening when you get those gaps.

Emotions when trading live

So to me, you’ve got to remember that when you trade live, anything live, it’s very, very different. The whole could’ve, would’ve, should’ve scenario, all sounds great in hindsight, “Oh, I should have bought Bitcoin when it was $2,000 and then I should have sold it at 65,000.” But thing is, did you really do that? And so when it comes to real money, it’s a lot harder than the would’ve, could’ve, should’ve theory, because it’s real. It’s real money. It’s your hard earned cash. It’s an investment. You’ve got to make a decision and you’ve got to stand by that decision as your cryptocurrency right now, over the last two months has just done nothing but drop. When you get out, do you lose money? Do you accept a loss? All those things, really, really difficult when it comes to real money.

So theory of cryptos, absolutely fantastic in theory, of all these different ideas and different currencies coming out.

Forex is the clear winner

The reality is, if you want a good, safe, steady return with a good investment proven market, absolutely the forex market without doubt wins completely and utterly in my opinion.

I hope that helps. So again, difference between theory and reality. It’s a big one when it comes to actually putting your money, putting your neck on the line.

I’ll see you this time next week. Bye for now.

Episode Title: #417: Are Cryptos a Good Investment?

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